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XR Lab Madrid

XR Lab

XR Lab—the virtual and augmented reality laboratory applied to learning.

Universidad Europea serves as a leader in digital technologies thanks to facilities such as the XR Lab (eXtended Reality Lab). The Extended Reality Laboratory is aimed at the creation, evaluation and research of training resources in virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

The XR Lab aims to develop innovative learning resources in tandem with professors, which are based on virtual and augmented reality and which improve student learning, satisfaction and motivation.

Extended reality applications allow students to develop cross-curricular, specific skills and competences, through simulations of actual cases from the professional world in immersive environments. The simulation allows students to carry out activities in a safe environment where they can make decisions without risk.

Its implementation was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Banco Santander—via Santander Universities—and the technological consultancy firm Stratesys.

All of our Faculties and degrees benefit from these facilities. Some examples of applications developed in the XR Lab are: BM Learn—Molecular and Plasma Membrane Viewer, Risk Simulator—Laboratory Accident Prevention Simulator, UE AR Trivia—augmented reality trivia, VR Teacher, a simulator to practice Safety and Communication with the Patient, the 360o Experience Editor—engine to generate applications with interactive 360o videos, among others. Other simulators developed by third parties are Sharecare, Body Interact, Labster, Learning Science or Calcflow.

The laboratory, equipped with advanced technology, covers 87 m² and is divided into two conceptually distinct areas: an area for the research and development of educational resources, and an exhibition area to experiment and understand extended reality and its applications.

XR Lab has the latest technology in virtual and augmented reality, top-of-the-range HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets, as well as complementary technologies such as the OptiTrack motion capture system, used in large audiovisual productions. This space also incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as ClickShare—Barco’s wireless content sharing systems—and MSI PCs with graphic design capabilities.

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