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Internal Quality Assurance System

Since its inception in 1995, Universidad Europea de Madrid has opted for an innovative, comprehensive and quality education, occupying, today, a leading position in the Spanish private higher education sector.


Universidad Europea de Madrid’s (UEM) Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) uses quality assurance as a foundation and oversees its comprehensive management. This is understood as a ‘series of coordinated activities for directing and controlling an organisation’s quality’ and encompasses quality assurance as well as system planning, control and improvement. The University’s IQAS requirements focus on satisfying different stakeholders and increasing their level of satisfaction with the University, continuously improving on and putting in place the appropriate measures for ensuring compliance with the policy. To do so, the policy takes as a reference point the requirements established in UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The IQAS’s scope covers all official degrees that are taught at each of our centres and for which the University is responsible, whether at undergraduate, master’s, postgraduate or doctorate level. In addition, the system encompasses comprehensive University services that are necessary for achieving its mission. The IQAS, as a whole, reflects the Quality Assurance Policy that applies to all University activities and, specifically, to the value chain of the educational programmes offered. This includes portfolio design, implementation and decision-making for portfolio improvement. It complies with the ‘improvement cycle of University training’, which is consistent with the continuous improvement cycle known as PDCA: plan, do, check, act.


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In development

Universidad Europea de Valencia


In development

Universidad Europea de Canarias




qs stars.png

Universidad Europea de Madrid has renewed its four stars—out of a possible five—in the prestigious international accreditation rating for university quality known as ‘QS Stars’, increasing its 2015 total rating by 95 points.

This external accreditation system determines the level of excellence achieved by universities in various areas. Specifically, Universidad Europea de Madrid has obtained the highest score—five stars—in Internationalisation, Employability, Teaching, Online Teaching and Inclusion.

QS is an international organisation that produces one of the three most prestigious university ranking standards in the world, together with the Times Higher Education Ranking and the Academic Ranking of World Universities


R4E 5star - 2020 (1).png

UEM also received the 500+ European Seal of Excellence from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). This is the highest level of recognition awarded by this organisation and highlights excellent management.

This award makes UEM the only Spanish higher education institution to currently hold this recognition.


Universidad Europea de Madrid is one of four Madrid universities that participated in designing the SISCAL programme in 2017—a new certification model launched by the madri+d Knowledge Foundation in 2018. This model responds to the need to comply with the institutional accreditation approved by Royal Decree 420/2015, of May 29. In 2018, we were the first university in Madrid to present one of our centres—the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Sciences—for evaluation under this programme. After undergoing this evaluation, from 2020 onwards, the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Sciences is certified as having successfully implemented the IQAS under the SISCAL model, with the centre receiving the corresponding institutional accreditation.



UEM received this mark of guarantee from the Community of Madrid, which awards this recognition to companies to certify quality and excellence in management and to encourage competitiveness in the business sector in which UEM has participated since 2008.


iso une.png

Each UEM campus has been accredited with the ISO14001 environmental certification and the ISO45001 occupational risk prevention certification. Since 2018, the University’s two clinics have been accredited with the ISO9001 certification, which demonstrates quality in its dental centres and services, and UNE179001 and UNE179003 certifications which certify its risk management procedures for patient safety.

Thanks to our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policies, our institution has shown strong commitment to sustainability and the environment. In addition, the institution shows a continuous drive to bolster and advance matters of safety, health and wellbeing that guarantee the protection of individuals in our University.

Certificación Exercise is Medicine On Campus - Gold Level


Universidad Europea de Madrid has been recognised with awards for encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and physical exercise. The American College of Sports Medicine awarded us a ‘Gold Level Campus’ status and ‘Exercise is Medicine on Campus’ recognition, the goal of which is to encourage national health systems to prescribe exercise.  The University has demonstrated its commitment to encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle both through research and through the commitment of its university community to encouraging healthy habits.


In January 2017, UEM was included in the list of Universities recognised by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. This recognition means that UEM is one of the Spanish university centres officially recommended by the Chinese Government for Chinese students who wish to study abroad.


Universidad Europea is one of the universities that offers the highest number of dual degrees. UEM’s teaching system is endorsed by quality certificates such as ANECA or Madrid Excelente, and is underpinned by the high standards of our teaching staff. Our faculty is made up of more than 1,100 specialists who are evaluated annually by students.

Since 2003, the Universidad Europea has in turn recognised the contributions and awards of its 16 honorary doctorates. The University acknowledges these national and international individuals as role models for our students and teachers alike.


Universidad Europea also stands out for its modern facilities and cutting-edge teaching resources—such as those at its Villaviciosa de Odón campus. Here, students can enjoy more than 25 hectares with five teaching buildings ,two residence buildings that house up to 500 students, and an extensive sports complex that features pools; a gym; an athletics track; tennis, football, padel and volleyball courts; and a sports hall.

Currently, Universidad Europea has more than 16,000 students from five continents spread across its four campuses—located in Villaviciosa de Odón, Alcobendas, Valencia and Tenerife.


The University’s philosophy of small groups—with an average of one professor per 23 students—the honours student programme, and the presence of one tutor per student from day one, enables each student to be individually encouraged to reach their full potential and develop their skills.


The following report displays data for the number of students enrolled, the dropout rate and the graduation rate for the University’s official degrees.

To view the report in full screen, click on the arrow icon located in the lower right corner. You can click on the different categories to filter the data for the entire report. For example, if you want to see the report filtered by the ‘Bachelor’s’ segment, click on the bachelor’s icon in the lower left image. Multiple filters can also be set by selecting the different categories while holding the ‘Ctrl’ key. To remove filters, click on the ‘Clear’ button in the lower right corner.


The following report shows data by academic year, satisfaction levels, dropout rates, graduation rates, graduate data, comments and observations.

Measure to improve

In order to identify the needs and expectations of students and identify the degree of satisfaction and quality perceived by stakeholders, the Quality and Compliance Unit carries out satisfaction studies.

Below are the main studies carried out during the 2019/2020 academic year and the aggregate participation in the 3 universities (Universidad Europea de Madrid, Universidad Europea de Valencia and Universidad Europea de Canarias:

Satisfacción con el profesorado Estudiantes 40.000 respuestas (se detuvo en S2 por COVID-19)
Satisfacción con la titulación Estudiantes 550 respuestas (se detuvo en S2 por COVID-19 en titulaciones presenciales)
“La Universidad frente al COVID-19” (sólo lanzado en titulaciones presenciales Estudiantes y Profesores 4400 respuestas y 900 respuestas
Satisfacción con las prácticas Estudiantes/Empleadores 2500 respuestas (encuesta activa)
Satisfacción con los programas de movilidad Estudiantes incoming/outgoing 300 respuestas (se detuvo en S2 por COVID-19)
Satisfacción con los distintos Servicios: Clínicas Universitarias, , Servicio médico, Polideportivo, ATE, Biblioteca Comunidad Universitaria y/o usuarios 655 respuestas (se detuvo en S2 por COVID-19)
Satisfacción con la Actividad Docente Docentes Encuesta activa (en proceso de recogida de datos)
Empleabilidad, Satisfacción y NPS Egresados Encuesta activa (en proceso de recogida de datos)
Encuesta Satisfacción PAS (titulaciones) Personal Administrativo y de Servicios 100 respuestas
Encuesta Satisfacción Directores de Tesis Directores de Tesis 100 respuestas
Encuesta Satisfacción Hospital Simulado Estudiantes y Profesores 800 y 140

Rankings and Ratings

Universidad Europea has a wide range of recognitions that guarantee its academic quality. Specifically, it has some of the following prestigious awards, such as: the European Seal of Excellence 500+, Quali-cert or Madrid Excelente. In the international QS Stars accreditation rating, Universidad Europea has obtained a total of four stars out of five. This external accreditation system determines the level of excellence achieved by universities in various areas. Universidad Europea has achieved the highest five-star rating in Employability, Teaching, Facilities and Social Responsibility.



In the 7th edition of the CYD Ranking, Universidad Europea de Madrid occupies the 3rd position, with values well above the average in International Orientation. In addition, it is the 1st private university in Madrid in degrees taught in a foreign language, both in bachelor's and master's degrees and above the average, it is the 2nd private university in Madrid in terms of student mobility above average and is the 4th private university of Madrid in international publications.

QS Stars

qs stars.png

The renewal of this accreditation carried out in 2018 is valid until September 2021. Thus, it maintains the 4 stars out of 5 of this international rating that certifies university quality. In addition, the maximum score -5 stars out of 5- is available in the following areas: Teaching, Employability, Internationalization, Online Teaching and Inclusion. In this context, the University obtained 653 points as a total assessment, achieving for the first time the highest score in Internationalization, Inclusion and Online Teaching.

THE (Times Higher Education)

the ranking.png

In 2019, Universidad Europea de Madrid was included in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and ranked 3rd place among private universities in Spain.

La Universidad Europea, third best private university in Spain, according to THE World University Rankings 2021

This ranking was created in 2004 and has great repercussion since it produces a classification of the best higher education institutions in the world. The methodology employed is based on 5 pillars: Teaching (30%), Research (30%), Citations (30%), International perspective (7.5%) and Industry income (2.5%).

The Times Higher Education World Ranking presents its results at a global level and by areas of knowledge, where once again Universidad Europea stands out for being in 2nd position among the private universities in Spain in the area of Health Sciences.


This initiative aims to recognise, encourage and promote the development and exchange of good practices in universities and educational institutions.

  • The best practice will receive a prize valued at €2,500 and there will be a special mention to UE applicants, who will receive the same amount.  
  • The deadline for submitting applications is 6 November 2020.

The Vice-Rector’s Office for Teaching and Research at UE has launched the 12th edition of the Universidad Europea Quality Award. The objective of this award—whose history already spans ten years—is to recognise, encourage and promote the development and exchange of good practices in national and international universities and educational institutions, both in terms of quality management and in the search for management efficiency and excellence.

As a result of the exceptional circumstances brought about by COVID-19, the twelfth edition’s theme will focus on universities and educational institutions’ digital transformation, offering the opportunity for these organisations to show the actions, projects and plans they implemented to adapt to the virus.

Any national or international educational team may participate. Teams must include a minimum of two individuals and ideally should have completed a good practice cycle: planning, implementation and evaluation. Teams will be awarded for practices that unite principles, measures, actions and projects to implement digital transformation, as well as work processes and methodologies that may be applicable as benchmarks for other organisations.


Submissions for best practices must be emailed to calidad@universidadeuropea.es before 6 November 2020. They should be in PDF form and should include the sections specified in the contest rules. The document should indicate a range of elements including: motivation for implementing this good practice; how creative and innovative the practice is; the value it will bring to different stakeholders; and a discussion of the link between the results achieved and the practice’s original objectives.

The best practice will receive a prize valued at €2,500 in travel vouchers. In addition, the jury will also award a UE special qualification to the best practice from the institution itself. Applicants of this winning practice will also receive the same prize. In addition, both winning practices will be disseminated nationally and internationally, and finalist practices may be published on the UE website and/or other channels as considered appropriate.

For more information on evaluation criteria and instructions for application submission, consult the contest rules.


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Carlos Calvo

Carlos Calvo


Raquel Pereda



The objective of Quality Days is to provide a forum where institutions, universities and educational centres can share and discuss current issues related to excellence in management, quality and continuous improvement, in a way that encourages knowledge management and the exchange of good practices.

Each day has an overarching theme, which is chosen annually according to interest, current affairs or, generally, the relevant response to needs for quality management in the field of higher education.


Since its inception in 1995, Universidad Europea de Madrid has opted for innovative, comprehensive and quality training; it is now a leader in Spanish private higher education.

As part of its commitment to teaching excellence, UEM has renewed its Quality Assurance Policy.

This renewed policy emphasises the following objectives:

  • Guaranteeing the quality of our teaching through official degree accreditations, considering different stakeholders’ perspectives, and analysing objective and reliable information for decision-making on the path to continuous improvement.
  • Taking into account our environment in order to guarantee our University has a positive impact, building solid alliances with key collaborators.
  • Developing mechanisms to enhance our research activities.
  • Committing to an optimal work environment for the development of our organisation’s members.

In developing this policy, we have considered the opinions of our organisation’s employees, professors, students, graduates and employers.

UEM’s Quality Assurance Policy is guided by its mission and vision, which you can read more about on the website. UEM has implemented a culture of quality that contributes to the institution’s respected standing in society and incentivises the fulfilment of its mission.


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The Research, Quality, and Educational Innovation and Teaching Development Units assist UE as drivers of change by designing and implementing an educational model that encourages research, innovation, values and inclusion, always ensuring academic quality in everything we do.


The Quality and Compliance Unit's mission is to inspire, ensure and help develop a culture of quality. This culture can boost the University’s international standing by ensuring we have a positive impact on students and, in turn, students have a positive impact on society. Our main pillars of action are:

  • The implementation and monitoring of the quality of degrees.
  • Quality management / Plan Q.
  • Measurement and analysis.
  • Accreditations, recognitions, rankings and ratings.


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