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Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud Canarias

Faculty of Health Sciences in Canarias

Our School of Biomedical and Health Sciences in the Canary Islands has a fantastic range of facilities, simulation equipment, and cutting-edge technologies which are available to all our students. Check them out below.

The school

Our educational environment provides our students with the best opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge, so they’re able to take their professional goals to new levels. We build our education around core pillars that allow our students to improve both their communication and interpersonal skills, as well as having the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary environments.

Our experiential learning model is a core characteristic of our University which focuses on enabling our students to acquire the skills and abilities they need to succeed, whilst also giving them the opportunity to put them to the test in our Simulated Hospital. Our Simulated Hospital is a safe environment where students are able to apply the knowledge they learn in class by solving cases that replicate real-world situations.

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Simulated Hospital

Universidad Europea’s Simulated Hospital comprises the following aspects:

  • Consultations: Students have the opportunity to carry out an emergency triage assessment, as well as undergo assessments in different scenarios where they have to communicate with patients and families.
  • Nursing Room: A nursing laboratory with four complete workstations and a supervising station. This room replicates a similar environment to that found in a hospital, or an emergency observation room. The room is equipped with the correct materials needed to recreate clinical cases with simulations of both medium and high complexity. Students are able to carry out all types of simulated care activities in our Nursing Room.
  • Complex Simulation Room: This is an advanced simulation room with a high-performance simulator in which the scenario is managed from a control room, changing the physio-pathological response of the patient (simulator) according to the students’ interventions in the clinical and care situation. Here, both individual skills and knowledge, as well as teamwork and communication skills, are trained. There are multi-parametric monitoring display screens, as well as screens that display complementary radiology and lab tests from the test library. It is also equipped with a recording system.
  • Debriefing Room: Pre-practice briefing and post-practice debriefing, with a focus on feedback. Both students and their tutor analyse the activity carried out, pointing out the student’s strengths and the aspects that need improving.
  • Task Training Room: A space where students can acquire technical skills and practise simple procedures. Students are able to learn with both medium- and low-technology situations. An anatomy-focused room with Atlas, models, and virtual reality software for the study of anatomy (3Dorganon).
  • Biomechanics Lab and Multi-Activity Room: This lab is equipped with several ergometers (treadmill and cycle ergometers with mechanical and electromagnetic brake arms), blood pH and electrolyte analysers, a lactate analyser, an oxygen analyser, an electromyograph and 12-lead electrocardiograph.
  • Stretcher Room: A unique space equipped with stretchers to enable students to work on cases and develop the techniques needed to work in theoretical-practical fields, such as physiotherapy.


Instalaciones Hospital Simulado Universidad Europea de Canarias

Campus of La Orotava

Simulated Hospital

Much of the learning takes place in a practical simulation environment equipped with consultation rooms, emergency rooms, intensive care, resuscitation, hospitalisation area, etc. All of them are equipped with the most advanced technology.

Instalaciones Fisioterapia Universidad Europea de Canarias

Campus of La Orotava

Physiotherapy Training Laboratory

The Physiotherapy Training Laboratory is used for undergraduate and postgraduate students to carry out practical exercises during the completion of their courses.

Laboratorio de Deporte Universidad Europea de Canarias

Campus of La Orotava

Sports Laboratory

The sports laboratory has equipment for the students’ practical learning, and the research of our lecturers.

U Ranking -  Universidades Españolas

Accreditations and Recognitions

Universidad Europea de Canarias holds third place in national rankings for teaching and first place across all Canary Island-based universities, according to the U-Ranking of Spanish Universities.


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