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Campus Life

The Campus Life area promotes student participation in university life.

In the Student Experience Unit, the Campus Life area promotes student participation and university life through activities outside of the classroom, student clubs and associations, contests and awards, etc.

University Activities

University Activities are extracurricular activities open to the entire university community. In addition to organizing workshops, talks and conferences, we conduct cultural, sports, educational, cooperative and leisure activities. By taking part in any of them, you will gain a broad worldview that will enrich your education and will help you stand out when you leave the University and find your way in your professional and personal life.

Credit Recognition

If you are an undergraduate student, some degrees include the University Activities subject (generally a required elective included in the curriculum), which is worth 6 ECTS credits, so you can participate in multiple activities and earn academic recognition in terms of ECTS credits. You will find all the information on the Student Portal.

Clubs and Associations in Madrid

IRClub (International Relations Club)

The International Relations Club is a diverse group of UEM students from different parts of the world who have come together motivated by our great interest in International Relations. We conduct live interviews on Instagram, discussions and we publish information and different articles on current events on social media. Our aim is to help and support other International Relations students and to create global awareness.

UECC (Universidad Europea Cinema Club)

Let’s talk about movies! The purpose of this club is to learn more about the seventh art and to share ideas about movies from different perspectives such as philosophy, cinematography, psychology, etc. It is an environment in which we discuss and share our points of view on the subject.

UEM Medical Student Association

Join the UEM Medical Student Association! If you study Medicine and want to meet with other students from your School outside of class, with projects and activities that will interest you. The Association also represents your voice and opinion in the issues that interest all future physicians in Spain, at the meetings of the Spanish Council of Medical Students.

Universidad Europea Psychology Student Association (UEPSA)

The purpose of the Universidad Europea Psychology Student Association is to promote mental health and fight the stigma of mental illnesses. To encourage relations among the members, we organize discussions, talks, workshops and other social activities such and cineforums, trivia nights and picnics in the park.

Club UEM Pride

If you are looking for a space in which to learn, share and enjoy experiences in the LGTBQI+ community, this is your club. Our primary goal is to create an open space for all those who are members of the collective, support it or simply want to learn more about it. We organize workshops, talks with professionals, discussions... to learn, raise awareness and share.

Creative Hub

If you like design and want to collaborate in an environment closer to the working world of design, this is your club. We conduct a variety of projects for the university and other clubs. We also participate in contests and design festivals.

Formula UEM

The EU Motor Club Association is made up of two main projects: Formula UE and FUEM EV. We are an interdisciplinary team of engineering, design, marketing and business.

Formula UE, also known as Formula SAE, is a competition where we design, build and compete in a small but powerful single-seat racecar.

In FUEM EV, we build an OpenSource competition electric car for Formula Student.

Club Air Division

We design and build drones and are currently working to launch a satellite through the PicoSat project in conjunction with collaborators. We visit centers in the aeronautics and aerospace sector.

Club Robotics

We create robotics systems from the ground up, as well as working with systems that have already been developed. We participate in robotics contests such as the ASTI Challenge, independent projects such as the Spider Robot, etc.

Science Club

We conduct activities, workshops and initiatives related to the world of science. It is a place in which we promote Science applications and we develop new skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Game Studio 2.0

We combine art, design and programming to create video games. We organize programming courses with Gamemaker, game jams, e-sports tournaments, etc.

Photography Club

We run photography workshops for beginners, activities for all levels, outings and practical presentations. The only requirement is to have a camera of any level (it is possible to reserve a camera at UEM) to take part in the activities.

Role Club

A space where you can reinforce your creativity and your improvisation abilities while learning skills related to narrative and design found in different video game studios (level design, character creation, world building, etc.). We organize a variety of workshops and role-playing games.

Computer Science and New Technologies Club

We are a multidisciplinary club based on new technology projects such as IoT, Cloud, drones, etc., as well as those related to computer science and programming.

Clubs and Associations in Valencia

Running Club

If you are passionate about running, you want to get in shape and meet people, this is your club! You can take part in weekly training sessions guided by a qualified running instructor.

Train with us, get bib numbers for select races and your sports kit from Universidad Europea de Valencia.

European Dental Club

If you want to share your ideas and opinions on the dental profession, this is your club! We offer the opportunity to discuss topics of oral health and to create a network with future professionals in the sector.

Gamers Club

Fortnite, FIFA, League of Legends… if you enjoy video games, you’ll want to join the Universidad Europea de Valencia E-Sports team, with a unique space for sharing with other gamers. Join our club and compete with students from other Universities or just enjoy your passion in company.


If you've got an entrepreneuring spirit, the CENET Club (Entrepreneuring and Networking) is your club! Participate with other networkers and find new business and support opportunities for your personal projects.

AEDRI (Law and International Relations Student Association)

Our aim is to familiarize students with current events, international problems, diplomacy and the priorities of the United Nations. The association is a pioneer in the MUN (Model United Nations) in the region of Valencia, an event in which students have the opportunity to participate as delegates from different nations and simulate real debates between UN committees.

Club Pride UE

If you are looking for a space in which to learn, share and enjoy experiences in the LGTBQI+ community, this is your club. Our primary goal is to create an open space for all those who are members of the collective, support it or simply want to learn more about it. We organize workshops, talks with professionals, discussions... to learn, raise awareness and share.

Knitting Club

Give some space to your creativity, and enjoy knitting as a hobby with the possibility to share your passion in training workshops for the other students.

Club Workout Valencia

For those who are always on the move. Weekly workouts for all ages and all levels; the most important thing is a desire to get in shape and have a good time outdoors without requiring any equipment.

Debate Club

A place to practice and improve debating, writing and speaking skills; to disconnect from studying, but while continuing to grow and learn, to improve your critical spirit, skills and social relationships, and, above all, to have fun.

Clubs and Associations in the Canary Islands

Student’s Club UEC

We are the Student Club! It is a club by and for students. We strive to promote university life and participation in activities that help us get to know each other, create networks and an unforgettable experience with friends from our club, who will accompany us throughout a significant period in our lives. What are you waiting for? Sign up now! All students and proposals are welcome. We look forward to seeing you.