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One of the aspects of the educational model at Universidad Europea is ethical and social awareness. From that perspective, committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we promote volunteering and we offer volunteer activities.

Volunteer activities provide situations in which students are forced to adapt and face uncertain situations with people who tend to have different lives. Students gain awareness and develop a perception of the world around them, stimulating their capacity for empathy and participating in the community they are a part of, generating ethical opinions and positions.

Skills and abilities

All of this enables them to develop the following social skills and abilities that make them more complete professionals and generate learning experiences.

Ability for innovation

Conflict resolution

Commitment to projects

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The purpose of the Volunteering Area is for our students to acquire an attitude of responsible citizens, with self-confidence and a global spirit, multilingual, flexible and capable of adapting to multicultural environments, offering both campus-based and online activities.

Credit Recognition

Taking part in volunteer activities enables you to get recognition for up to a maximum of 4 credits in the “University Activities” subject.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

All activities offered in the Volunteering Area are aligned with at least one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), related with all areas of knowledge at Universidad Europea, in Madrid, as well as in Valencia and the Canary Islands.

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You can email us at voluntariado@universidadeuropea.es or follow us on social media.