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Course in Sports Marketing and Digital Transformation Online

Become an expert in digital transformation in sports by studying our Course in Sports Marketing from Real Madrid Graduate School. Flexible study options to suit your needs.

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Online Sports Marketing course

The online Course in Sports Marketing is a 10-week online programme designed by experts at Universidad Europea and Real Madrid that will enable you to specialise in sports marketing. With this online course, consisting of 6 ECTS, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to develop strategic plans and lead the digitisation and transformation projects within your sports organisation.

Online with live classes English , Spanish
6 ECTS Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid 10 weeks Private degree Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea School of Sports Sciences

Why should you study the Course in Sports Marketing online?

Real Madrid Graduate School

Has been training professionals for 15 years and more than 13,000 graduates today carry out their work in the sports sector.

Digital Transformation of the Sports Sector

Acquire specialized training in one of the areas with the greatest professional projection within the sports sector and lead the digitization strategies of your entity.

Masterclasses with Experts

Every 15 days you will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses with experts in sports marketing.

100% online

All the material will be available from the beginning of the course so that you can access it when and how you want.

Real Madrid Graduate School

Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School is the world's leading graduate school in sport that offers a unique academic model.

More than 13,000 graduates have been trained at the school, most of whom carry out their professional activity in the Sports Industry, having clearly contributed to the professionalization of the Industry at a Global level.

Become an expert in Digital Transformation in the sports sector

Specialise with this online course in digital marketing, an innovative programme in which you will study real cases in the sports sector, offering you unique training in one an area of increasing demand in today's workplace.

Specialised Trainning in the Sports Sector

  • You will understand the organisational structure of sports organisations and how to integrate digital marketing. You will acquire a strategic perspective of digitisation and digital marketing as a relevant component in the corporate strategies of sports institutions.

  • You will learn about digitsation trends in the sports sector and its opportunities. You will know how to define the digital business planning process based on objectives, tactics, KPIs and targets.

  • You will learn about the digital traffic generation models, their advantages and disadvantages and how they are oriented towards performance. You will study the models of online traffic generation through advertising.

  • You will identify the challenges and opportunities that big data and the intensive use of analytes represent for the sector.

Masterclasses with experts in sports marketing

You will have the opportunity to attend 5 masterclass, taught by experts in marketing from the sports sector, in which you will study real cases from the industry.

  • Masterclass: Sports Analytics, eSports.

  • Masterclass: Sports Analytics, management teams.

  • Masterclass: Digital transformation at Real Madrid C.F.

  • Masterclass: OTT: Changes in digital consumption patterns and their effect on the traditional broadcasting business.

  • Masterclass: Fan engagement and data protection. The legal aspects of the collection and management of fan data.

Study plan

The study plan of Course in Sports Marketing and Digital Transformation is made up of four modules that will provide you with practical, multidisciplinary and up-to-date training. All the material will be available on the virtual campus and you will also have access to five live masterclasses with experts from the sector.

  • Topic 1. Digital research to identify and set the main business drivers
  • Topic 2. Users and audiences segmentation to influence consideration
  • Topic 3. Content marketing as a strategy to generate visibility and conversion
  • Topic 1. New opportunities through disruptive tools
  • Topic 2. Brand transformations in the new digital environment
  • Topic 3. Marketing through social platforms
  • Topic 1. Advertising and promotion opportunities
  • Topic 2. Contents monetization strategies
  • Topic 3. Conversion as a marketing goal
  • Topic 1. Developing a digital marketing plan
  • Topic 2. Tracking and controlling a sports brand
  • Topic 3. Web and Social Analytics, managing digital operations

Course Format

The course is designed to offer quality and specialised training in an flexible and accommodating way allowing you to combine your studies with your personal and professional commitments.

Teaching Material

  • Downloadable material-

  • Explanatory video.

  • All content will be available from the beginning of the course and you will have 3 months to complete the course at your own pace.


  • No final exam.

  • Masterclass every two weeks with experts from the sector, where real cases within the sports industry will be closely examined.



Reservation and registration formalization

Download the admission application form and send it along with a photocopy of your DNI to UEONLINE@UNIVERSIDADEUROPEA.ES.

The admission process does not imply any cost or commitment until you have formalized the reservation.

Personalised advice: call us at (+34) 918 340 192, or write to us by email UEONLINE@UNIVERSIDADEUROPEA.ES, and you will receive all the information you need about admission to the course from our specialised advisors.

Student Profile

The course in Sports Marketing Online is focused on:

  • Professionals who wish to carry out their work in the sports sector and need to understand the particularities of such a dynamic environment as digital in the sector. Because there are characteristics, limitations and challenges of the sector that the interested party must understand in order to have an advantage when starting to work in it.

  • Professionals who already carry out their work activities in the sports sector, but who want to specialize and complement their training in marketing and digital transformation.