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Valencia: +34 961043883
Alicante: +34 965051793
Canarias: +34 922097091
Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid: +34 911128850
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Alicante: +34 961043880
Canarias: +34 922985006

Living in Valencia

Valencia, the best city in the world to live in according to InterNations.

Accommodation in Valencia

University residences

The facilities have individual studios, all exterior and air-conditioned, with private bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, large study table, broadband Internet connection and TV.

Websites for finding accommodation:

  • Universal Students

  • Help Housing

  • Spot A Home

  • Idealista

  • Uniplaces

  • Hello Flatmate

  • Students.com

Cost of living in Valencia

The approximate cost of living is difficult to calculate, but here are some figures that may help you:

400-1,000 €/month

Studio rent

The cost of accommodation depends on the neighbourhood.

100-200 €/month


Utilities such as water, electricity and gas will vary according to the season, in summer you may want to use air conditioning and in winter you may want to use heating.

250 €/month

Monthly shop

The monthly shopping basket could cost you around 250 euros per month.

20.5 €/month

Monthly transport card

For those under 30 years of age, the monthly transport card costs 20.5 euros.

20-50 €/month

Mobile tariffs

Mobile phone tariffs can vary from 20 to 50 euros per month, and home internet tariffs are around 50 euros per month.

Transport in Valencia

  • Metro: Valencia has 9 metro lines that enable you to travel from one side of the city to the other. See the map here.
  • EMT de Valencia: there are more than 60 bus routes, you can buy a single journey ticket or a ticket with 10 journeys.
  • Valenbisi: You also have the option of using Valenbisi (municipal bicycle service) to travel around the city in a sustainable way.

Practical guide

Download the practical information guide for international students in Valencia.