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Curso Universitario en Inteligencia Artificial y Big Data en la Gestión Deportiva

Certified Program in Big Data and AI in Sports Management Online

With the Online Course in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Sport you will be trained in the development of AI projects and systems applied to sport management.

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Online Big Data course

Get into artificial intelligence with the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea. With the online course in big data, you will learn the basics of artificial intelligence focused on sports management and football. You will learn about the most pioneering technologies in the sector to transform and improve the performance of your institution through data analysis and management.

Lead the digitalisation of the sports sector. You will acquire the necessary skills to develop projects and implement artificial intelligence systems in your sports institution. You will learn the key fundamentals to promote the digital transformation of a sports organisation and you will understand the key elements to make this transformation a success. To this end, this course is backed by Olocip, a Spanish company that is a pioneer in the development and application of artificial intelligence in the sports industry. In addition, the content has been developed by experts in artificial intelligence in the sports industry.

This programme has a 100% online methodology and you will have the material available from the start of the course so you can access it whenever and however you want.

Online English , Spanish
6 ECTS Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid 10 weeks Private degree Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea School of Sports Sciences
Title you will receive: Certified Program in Big Data and AI in Sports Management

What will you learn in the Certified Program in Big Data and AI in Sports Management?

Become an expert in artificial intelligence in the sports sector

  • You will learn the fundamentals on which artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are based, as well as their main areas of application.

  • You will learn how to develop your first artificial intelligence system in a practical way and without the need for programming.

  • You will become familiar with artificial intelligence and understand how to apply it in different contexts in the world of sport.

  • You will have a global and transversal vision of data applied to sport with which to transform the sports industry.

  • You will learn the steps to lead the digital transformation of your organisation, applying artificial intelligence to sports management.

Specialise in Big Data in sports with Real Madrid C.F.

You will use analytical tools such as:

  • Teachable Machine. It provides a first contact with the development of an artificial intelligence system in a simple, interactive and visual way.

  • Weka. Allows you to develop an artificial intelligence system in depth in a practical way through a graphical interface, without the need for programming.

  • TCT-Scout. Uses artificial intelligence to assist in the planning of football club squads.

With the quality of the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea


Complete the evaluation tests as you progress with your studies. You will have two attempts to pass each test.


Acquire the skills demanded by the job market. 94% of the students in our programs with online methodology find employment upon completing their studies.


Gain the knowledge you need to specialize with this intensive program and obtain your certificate in just three months.

Dynamic content

Study with downloadable materials, explanatory videos, and practical exercises. All programs are backed by the educational quality of the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea.

Specialization in the sports industry

Our mission is to train future professionals with a global vision and a solid foundation in the principles and practices of the sports industry. To achieve this, we offer academic programs that combine theory and practice, tailored to the changing needs of the sector. Students have the opportunity to learn from renowned experts and participate in real projects.

Our commitment to the sports industry goes beyond academic training. Additionally, we work closely with companies, federations, and sports organizations to ensure that our programs are aligned with current market trends and demands.

Study Plan

The study plan for the online course in Big Data and AI in Sports Management is made up of four modules that will provide you with practical, multidisciplinary, and up-to-date education. All the material will be available on the virtual campus. The content included on the course includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence, the new electricity.
  • Impact of AI on industry and society.
  • Tutorial: Build your first AI system.

  • Climbing the AI ladder.
  • The areas of AI.
  • Tutorial: Evaluation of actions in soccer.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning.
  • Learning, an iterative process.
  • Tutorial: Build an expected goal model.

  • Digital transformation.
  • How to implement on AI project.
  • Tutorial: AI-based player scouting in soccer.
Certified Program in Big Data and AI in Sports Management

Career Opportunities of the Certified Program in Big Data and AI in Sports Management

This Big Data and AI in Sports Management Course will provide you with the fundamentals to begin developing a specialized profile in:

  • Marketing and communication.
  • Sports events.
  • Representation.
  • Training.

Who is it for?

Professionals in sports management who wish to learn the basics of artificial intelligence to grow professionally.

Graduates in Sport Science and Sport Management who want to start their career in the field of artificial intelligence and digital transformation.

Sport professionals who do not have specific training in mathematics and computer science but wish to incorporate disruptive technologies based on the practical application of artificial intelligence into their training to improve and reorient their professional development.

Management professionals who want to enter the sports sector in positions related to digitisation, data management and the digital transformation of sports organisations.



Reservation and registration formalization

Download the admission application form and send it along with a photocopy of your DNI to ueonline@universidadeuropea.es.

The admission process does not imply any cost or commitment until you have formalized the reservation.

Personalised advice: call us at (+34) 918 340 192, or write to us by email ueonline@universidadeuropea.es, and you will receive all the information you need about admission to the course from our specialised advisors.