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Discover all our posts on the Universidad Europea blog. Get up to date on educational innovation and the latest trends in areas such as Engineering, Health and Medicine, Sports, Technology and Business, among others. #GoBeyond

What is counselling?

What is counselling in psychology? Discover the objectives of this practice and what types of counselling are the most common.

Financial management strategies

Would you know how to do financial planning correctly? Discover the objectives and phases of the financial planning process in a company.

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Tools and technology in translation

How have translation tools evolved over the past few years? Discover the main computer assisted translation tools that exist today.

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Leadership in sport

Do you know that in sport, as in many sectors, there are several types of leadership? In this post we’ll see how leadership and sport go hand in hand. And we will explain what you can study to be a l…

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Football session plans: What to include?

Do you know how to plan a football training session? In this post, we’ll tell you the elements that you should include, and some study options to consider if you want to be a football coach.

Building installations: The key elements

What are the distinct types of facilities and installations in a building? Discover all the key elements needed in a building project, from electrical and gas, to sanitation and water.

Branches of psychology

Find out what the main fields of psychology are. Get up to date with the degrees and master's in psychology at Universidad Europea. Get all the info here!

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Nutritionist coach: What is it and what are their functions?

Do you know what a nutritionist coach does in the sports sector? Read this post and discover what a sports nutritionist is, and what to study to work in this area.

What is aviation management?

What is aviation management and what are its main job opportunities? Discover what this professional does and what the average salary in Spain.

Careers in Translation and Interpreting

In an increasingly connected world, translators and interpreters are needed in every sector. In this post we will look in detail at professional opportunities in Translation and Interpreting.

Different types of journalism

Journalists today are expected to be multiskilled and multimedia. In this post, we explore some of the different types of journalism and roles that exist.