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Discover all our posts on the Universidad Europea blog. Get up to date on educational innovation and the latest trends in areas such as Engineering, Health and Medicine, Sports, Technology and Business, among others. #GoBeyond

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How to become a football scout

In this post, we look in detail at how to become a soccer scout, what the role entails, where scouts work, and what to study. Read on for more information!

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What does a creative director do?

What does a creative director do? Discover the main functions of a creative director in a company and what to study for the position.

Different types of translation

Find out about the different types of translation and the career opportunities available for each one. Explore your passion for languages with Universidad Europea!

Biotechnology: what is it and what are the career opportunities?

If you are thinking about studying a degree in Biotechnology, in this article we analyse in depth what Biotechnology is and what career opportunities it offers.

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What does a content manager do?

Discover the role of a content manager: tasks, skills required, and where they work. Learn how to become one in this comprehensive post. Read on for more!

What is the Court of Arbitration for Sport?

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is the main instance for settling sports disputes. Find out how it works and what kind of disputes it resolves.

What is cortisol and why is it important?

Cortisol is a hormone that circulates through the bloodstream to the organs and tissues, helping in growth, metabolism and mood, among other things.

Nutrigenomics vs nutrigenetics: What are the differences?

Nutrigenomics vs nutrigenetics: What are the differences

What is a cyber-attack and how can you prevent it?

We tell you what a cyber-attack is, what the most common types are, and what professional profiles are sought after in this field.

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What is structural analysis?

Structural analysis is a key component in the architecture and engineering sector. Find out in this post what it involves and how you can work building design and construction.

Capital markets: key issues and prospects

The capital market has become a key tool for economic growth and the channelling of funds into productive investments. We look more what are capital markets in this post.

What is brainstorming?

Brainstorming is one of the most powerful collaborative tools for enhancing creativity and problem solving within a team. Find out more about it!

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How to be a cultural mediator?

Learn how to become a skilled cultural mediator, bridging gaps between diverse communities with effective communication and understanding.

What is enterprise architecture?

Enterprise architecture drives organisational management success, optimising development and processes for greater efficiency. Find out more in this post!

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Why work in finance?

Working in finance offers a rewarding, challenging and stimulating career. In this post we look more in detail why you should consider a career in finance.

What is SAS programming?

SAS programming is very effective for handling large data sets and performing statistical analysis. In this post, we cover its fundamentals and applications.

What is game theory in economics?

Explore the strategic insights of game theory in economics! Learn about types, examples like the prisoner's dilemma, benefits, and limitations.

The importance of conditioning in football

Discover the importance of conditioning in football! Learn about pre-season vs. in-season training, nutrition, and the key roles within a team who oversee player fitness

What is aviation management?

What is aviation management and what are its main job opportunities? Discover what this professional does and what the average salary in Spain.

What is dental scaling and root planing?

Scaling and root planing is essential for optimal and balanced oral health, preventing dental problems. In this post, we look at them both in more detail.

Geopolitics and economics – the differences

In this post we look at the terms geopolitics and geoeconomics, what they mean, and how they are connected. Read on for more information!

What is RevPAR?

Discover how to maximise hotel revenues using effective RevPAR strategies. Learn how to optimise management and improve your financial performance.