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Course in Sports Coaching Online

Become a top sports coach by studying our Online Course in Sports Coaching at Real Madrid Gradute School.

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Key points

Specialise in sports coaching with Real Madrid C. F. With this online course you will acquire the necessary knowledge to lead and manage high performance teams.

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Start: 27 sep. 2021 6 ECTS
Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid 10 weeks Private degree Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea School of Sports Sciences

Why should you study the Course in Sports Coaching Online?

Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea

Has been training professionals for 14 years and more than 11,000 graduates today carry out their work in the sports sector.

Lead High Performance Teams

Become an expert in sports coaching. The online course is focused on the development of leadership, management and intervention skills in sports teams.

Masterclasses with experts

Every 15 days you will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses with experts in sport coaching.

100% online

All the material will be available from the beginning of the course so that you can access it when and how you want.

The Graduate School

Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea is the world's leading graduate school in sport that offers a unique academic model.

More than 11,000 graduates have been trained at the school, most of whom carry out their professional activity in the Sports Industry, having clearly contributed to the professionalization of the Industry at a Global level.

Lead and manage high-performance athletes with the sports coaching course

The difference between great coaches and managers is not in their technical skills, but their ability to emotionally manage situations and their relationship with their athletes.

Specialised training

  • You will learn the tools and processes of intervention in sports and business teams, to improve your leadership skills as a professional in the sports sector.

  • In an environment like this one, where changes are continuous and exponential, it is essential that as a professional you adequately manage the leadership tools necessary to put into action in your daily management.

Acquire leadership skills

  • You will study the new leadership paradigms in current environments and the most efficient way to manage your team and achieve excellence.

  • Knowing how to manage trust management, being able to address important conversations appropriately and accompanying in the management of frustration, will allow you to efficiently develop technical knowledge.

Ciudad deportiva Real Madrid
Masterclasses with experts in sports coaching

You will have the opportunity to attend 5 live masterclasses with experts in coaching in the sports sector.

  • Masterclass I. Winning teams. Keys to transfer to organisations.
  • Masterclass II. Leading a team.
  • Masterclass III. Keys to good feedback in daily management with a team of people.
  • Masterclass IV. Self-leadership tools.
  • Masterclass V. Intervention tools in team situations.

Study Plan

The study plan of Course in Sports Coaching is made up of four modules that will provide you with practical, multidisciplinary and up-to-date training. All the material will be available on the virtual campus and you will also have access to five live masterclasses with experts from the sector.

Module 1. Leadership in sport

Self-leadership. Change management. Emotional intelligence and leadership.

Module 2. Leadership skills

Communication. Serenity. Best practices in sports foundations / volunteering.

Module 3. Talent management

What is talent? Talent and confidence. Collective talent.

Module 4. Elite teams

Success stories. Intervention in teams (I). Intervention in teams (II).

Course Format

The course is designed to offer quality and specialised training in an flexible and accommodating way allowing you to combine your studies with your personal and professional commitments.

Course Material

  • Downloadable material.

  • Explanatory video.

  • All content will be available from the beginning of the course and you will have 3 months to complete the course at your own pace.


  • No final exam.

  • Masterclass every two weeks with experts from the sector, where real cases within the sports industry will be closely examined.

Student Profile

  • Professionals in the sports sector who want to improve their tools and skills in leadership and in the management of teams or athletes.

  • Professionals who wish to focus their professional careers on coaching in the sports sector and acquire the necessary training to be more efficient when accompanying their teams towards excellence.

Admission Process

The admission process to study an online degree or postgraduate programme at Universidad Europea can be carried out throughout the year, although enrolment in any of our programmes is subject to the availability of places. To complete the process you must follow these simple steps:

How to Apply


Option 1

Personalised advice: call us at (+34) 918 340 192, or write to us by email UEONLINE@UNIVERSIDADEUROPEA.ES, and you will receive all the information you need about admission to the course from our specialised advisors.


Option 2

Formalisation of reservation and enrolment: You can download the admission application here. You must send it completed along with a photocopy of your ID to the email UEONLINE@UNIVERSIDADEUROPEA.ES

The admission process does not involve any cost for the candidate or any commitment until the reservation is confirmed.