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Internships are activities that students take part in at companies or institutions, giving them their first real experience in the professional world.

The Internships Department at Universidad Europea works with a variety of internship platforms on which you can share your profile with thousands of companies that, if interested, will invite you to take part in their selection processes. If you are selected by any of them, we will manage your agreement with them so that it is all much easier for you.

In addition, because we have a significant number of internship agreements, you can decide whether you will make your internship a national or international experience. By completing an internship, students acquire skills and abilities specific to their courses of study.


Collaboration Agreements

We have collaboration agreements with over 12,000 institutions.



We have cooperation agreements in 72 countries.


Types of Internships

Curricular, tied to a subject in the curriculum, or extracurricular, in which students voluntarily broaden their training experience.

Meet the internship team

Meet your advisors, learn about the internship request process or ask for personal guidance through the Student Portal. We want to meet you!


How can we collaborate?

If you are a company that wants to become a part of the training project of our students, through the experience of an internship, please email us at practicas.madrid@universidadeuropea.es and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Consult the regulations governing internships.