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Practical information for international students

Find out about the services that Universidad Europea offers you as an international student

Health insurance

Universidad Europea offers its international students the health insurance by Nueva Mutua Sanitaria, which they can take out at any time and from their home country. This insurance allows to apply for and renew the Student Visa because it meets all of the Spanish Government’s requirements for visa procedures. It covers unlimited healthcare without co-payments in the best centres and hospitals throughout the country and also allows to quickly and immediately contact a primary care doctor at any time through its mobile app.

International students at Universidad Europea can take out this health insurance from 28 euros per month. The insurance covers:

  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Repatriation to country of origin
  • Primary care
  • Home assistance + 24 hr emergency care
  • Travel assistance
  • Medical specialities
  • Therapeutic methods
  • Preventive medicine


Students who need a visa, will need to apply for themselves at their local Consulate or Spanish Embassy. Visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain website to find out the address of the Consulate or Spanish Embassy in each country. The Consulate or Embassy will list which documents are needed to correctly apply for a visa.

The following is an indicative list of the requirements and documents needed to obtain a visa:


Valid for at least the period of stay requested (to be provided by the student).

Proof of funds

Proof that you have sufficient funds (to be provided by the student).

Admissions letter

From the education centre (Universidad Europea will provide one).

Criminal record certificate

To be provided by the student.


You must have paid the fee for processing your visa application.

Health insurance

Private health insurance with repatriation costs included (to be provided and paid for by the student).

University access document

This is the academic document that students must provide in order to gain access to university studies in Spain. It is important to start the procedures in good time; it can take several weeks if you need to certify and obtain apostilles for documents or have prior studies recognised. For students who require UNED accreditation or their foreign pre-university studies to be recognised in order to access university, we offer Universidad Europea students help through our partnership with Homologation Student Services.

Need help?

Homologation Student Services

Ask for information on how they can help to get your Visa and Foreigners’ ID Card. They can also help you to get your studies recognised so that you have legal access to university bachelor’s degrees and vocational training.