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Faculty of Social Sciences in Canarias

Discover our School of Social Sciences in the Canary Islands. Find out about the facilities and the full range of degrees on offer here.


The main objective of the School of Social Sciences at Universidad Europea de Canarias is to accompany students from every degree on a journey of experiential learning focused on their professional future. In this academic model, the knowledge transmitted by our teaching staff and today’s most advanced technology merge, allowing students to bring out the best in themselves, reach their personal and professional goals, and add value to society.


Modern education combines theory with hands-on learning. Universidad Europea does just that, adding its innovative spirit into the mix for that extra differential factor. In every subject and every course, we’re committed to providing skill-based training centred on today’s professional trends, integrating new technologies and tools in order to prepare students to confidently face the world of work.

Students will master the software and programmes they’ll use in their careers, ranging from: tools to manage accounts and personnel, to market simulation in business & marketing, hotel or revenue management in tourism, and the latest trends in design and communication in advertising.

Facilities and Resources

Harvard Business Publishing

The School has a framework agreement with the prestigious entity for access to all of the available resources in the Harvard Business Publishing catalogue. This includes thousands of case studies, articles, and simulations that professors can use in their sessions.

Laboratorio virtual Business Factory

The methodologies used across all our degrees in tourism include various software programmes. Students work with business simulation programmes such as Aplifisa, which focus on investments, markets, and more. Aplifisa is the professional software most widely used by tax and accounting consultancies and firms, offering integrated tax, accounting, and payroll programmes. It’s used by our business management and marketing students in subjects related to financial accounting and corporate and individual taxation.

Students also use Adobe and Office 365 packages.

Marketing Virtual Lab

Students use Praxis MMT software to emulate the behaviour of a market sector in which all the variables that influence and produce various outcomes are accurately reproduced.

Virtual Digital Marketing Lab

Students dive into programmes and applications for measuring and monitoring digital marketing campaigns, such as Google Ads, Facebook Media Planning Professional, Twitter Flight School, and more.

Tourism Virtual Lab

Throughout their academic studies, students have access to complementary training in specific subjects within tourism business management. This training is online and is carried out in various subjects throughout the course of the degree. More specifically, the courses are run by Amadeus and Noray. Amadeus provides management training in sectors as diverse as airlines, travel agencies, cruise companies, airports, and customer and traveller management, among others. Noray provides comprehensive management software for hotels and SMEs. The software covers most aspects of the hospitality sector. Students receive a certification from each company at the end of their training, allowing them to further enhance their CV.

Gastronomy and Service Classroom

In conjunction with the School of Hospitality, students are trained in various techniques within the service industry. Students take part in workshops on bartending, cooking, and front-of-house management. They also have the opportunity to participate in international competitions in the sector.


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