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máster en traducción audiovisual

Master's Degree in Audiovisual Translation Valencia

Gain work experience at dubbing and subtitling studios.

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Learn all of the techniques to become an audiovisual translator, including dubbing, subtitling, subtitling for the deaf, audio description, video games…

Valencia 60 ECTS
Start: 21 oct. 2022 Title issued by Universidad Europea de Valencia
10 months School of Social Sciences and Communication
Private degree

20% discount on the reservation fee for the 2022/23 programmes. Apply before june 30st, 2022.

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Why study our Master’s in Audiovisual Translation?

Learn all of the techniques necessary to become a translator of audiovisual products (films, series…), including dubbing, subtitling, subtitling for the deaf, audio description and video game translations, using all technical media available and completing real dubbing and subtitling work experience.

Why study the Master’s in Audiovisual Translation at Universidad Europea de Valencia?

  • Specific course on dubbing and speech taught by dubbing professionals, putting you in the shoes of voice actors so you understand the nature of their work.

  • Self-publishing of subtitles and voice-overs. Create a personal portfolio of a subtitled and dubbed product to be used as a business card for future clients.

  • Live subtitling. This is the only master’s degree in Spain where you learn this technique.

  • Travel to London. We take you to London so you can visit one of the top audiovisual production studios.

  • Pitches. At the end of your master’s, present your work to important industry businesspeople.

  • Our doors are open to students of all origins, as the majority of our classes are taught in English.

  • The MAVT (Master’s in Audiovisual Translation) is highly practical. We don’t do anything in class that you can’t read at home.

Who is the MAVT for?

  • Graduates and final-year students in the Translation, Philology, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Journalism programs, as well as professionals with a strong knowledge of at least two languages.

  • People with a passion for languages drawn to one of the specialties of audiovisual translation (dubbing, subtitling, subtitling for the deaf, etc.).

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Of our graduates find employment in less than one year.



UEV has a multitude of educational cooperation agreements with other centres.



UEV’s library has a large catalogue to help you during your studies.

Partner companies

We have partnerships with leading companies in the world of translation

Comillas This master’s was designed to enable students to achieve a professional level of audiovisual translation upon completing the programme. After years of experience, we can confirm that it has been a success, both thanks to our wonderful faculty, comprised of a perfect balance of academics and working professionals, and our close relationship with companies in the industry.

Eivor Jordà Mathiasen

Director of the Master’s in Audiovisual Translation

master interpretacion conferencias valencia
Comillas This is the master’s that I would have liked to study after completing my bachelor’s. It features the most prestigious professors in the world and the most renowned translators on the market. It uses the most advanced techniques and includes a speech and dubbing course, as well as real work experience at studios. Combined with the fact that you present your final project to some of the leading companies in the industry (i.e. potential customers), this master’s has it all.

Guillermo Marco

Professor of the Master’s in Audiovisual Translation

What will you learn on the Master’s?

Learn all of the techniques necessary to become a translator of audiovisual products (films, series…), including dubbing, subtitling, subtitling for the deaf, audio description and video game translations, using all technical media available and completing real dubbing and subtitling work experience.

Study plan

Overview of different specialties (dubbing, subtitling, subtitling for the deaf, audio description, video game translation)

Professional aspects (career opportunities, legal and tax aspects)

Project management

What does a translator have to know about film and television?

Analysis of audiovisual narration (shots, sequences, visual cultural models…)

Analysis of cinematographic language (script writing, codes and channels, staging…)

Analysis of the most common linguistic registers used in audiovisual products

Specific sessions for working with the most complicated jargon for audiovisual translation, namely colloquial, legal and scientific language.

Use of gender-neutral language in audiovisual translation

Audiovisual translation documentation

English/Spanish format

Optional Valencian language format

Specific dubbing course in a professional studio in order to understand the needs of voice actors

Overview and implementation of conventions in translation for dubbing

Adjustment for dubbing and acting direction

Translation of the different formats of this field: voice-overs (reality TV, documentaries), dubbing of audiovisual genres (cartoons, movies and series, advertisements).

Audio and video editing to insert dubbing and audio description lines

Overview and implementation of subtitling conventions

Synchronisation and embedding of subtitles

Subtitling with different free software: Aegisub, Subtitle Workshop…

Subtitling for theatre, opera, film festivals

Introduction to the world of the deaf

Current situation of subtitling for the deaf

Overview and implementation of subtitling conventions for the deaf

Live subtitling and speech recognition

Introduction to the world of the blind

Current situation of audio description

Overview and implementation of audio description conventions

Audio description at theatres and museums

The life cycle of video games

Technical aspects of video game localisation

Translation and transcreation for video games

Dubbing and subtitling for video games

Presentation of self-published final project to important businesspeople in the industry.

Visit one of the world’s leading audiovisual production studios.

In addition to obligatory master’s work experience at dubbing and subtitling studios, the University (through its partner agency Ubuntu) has agreements with non-profit organisations for completing volunteer subtitling work in real situations. No better preparation exists.

Academic calendar

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External internship regulations

Internships are a key component of your training. Acquiring experience after what you have learnt in your degree is the best way to enter the employment market. There are two types of internships: curricular—which are included in your study plan—and extracurricular—which you can do on a voluntary basis.

In order to carry out curricular internships in companies, you will need to have 50% of your credits approved and must register for the subject before starting your internship. These internships are monitored by the company and the internship coordinator, and interim and final reports are prepared for evaluation.

If you want to take your work experience to the next level before finishing your university education, you can pursue an extracurricular internship. You can do them in any academic year, but keep in mind that internships are a formative complement to your studies; therefore, the more knowledge you have acquired throughout your studies, the more you will benefit from the internship experience.


The faculty is made up of practicing professionals who make their day-to-day experience available to you.

Eivor Jordà Mathiasen

Academic Director. A graduate of Københavns Universitet (DK), dubbing of The Kingdom and other films by Lars von Trier.

  • Guillermo Marco
    Executive Director. Director of Universidad Europea’s prestigious Master’s in Conference Interpretation.
  • Jorge Díaz-Cintas
    Principal Lecturer in Translation and Spanish at Roehampton University (London) Teoria y práctica de la subtitulación: inglés-español (Ariel, 2003), La traduccion audiovisual: el subtitulado (Almar, 2001).
  • Frederic Chaume
    Professor at Universitat Jaume I and Honorary Professor at University College London… Audiovisual Translation: Dubbing (London: Routledge, 2013)… Dubbing of Paths of Glory, Everyone Says I Love You, Viva Zapata!, The Godfather
  • Pablo Romero Fresco
    Honorary Professor of Translation and Filmmaking at the University of Roehampton (London) Reserarch in live subtitles on TV in the UK and CRT (Canada).
  • Josélia Neves
    Associate Professor at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (TII) HBKU (Qatar) Leader of IACT – Inclusion and Accessibility in Action Research Group IPL (Portugal).
  • Carme Mangiron
    Member of the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies (Dublin City University). Traductora del videojuego Final Fantasy.
  • Quico Rovira-Beleta
    Dubbing of Star Wars, The Name of the Rose, Labyrinth, Sense and Sensibility, Ocean’s Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen, Mission Impossible, La La Land, The Fate of the Furious
  • Javier Pérez Alarcón
    Dubbing of The Handmaid’s Tale, The Terror, The Equalizer, One Day at a Time, Kung Fury, Harlots, Manhunt: Unabomber, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Muse, Teen Titans Go!...
  • Ximo Granell
    Multilingual Information Management: Information, Technology and Translators (Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2015)
  • María Ferrer
    Dubbing for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Nickelodeon, MTV, NBC Universal, Turner, Time Warner, The Mentalist, The Man in the High Castle, The 100, The OA
  • Begoña Ballester-Olmos
    Dubbing and subtitling for The Lobster, Where to Invade Next, Citizenfour, What We Do in the Shadows, Frances Ha, The Party, The Death of Stalin, Summer 1993...
  • Rocío Broseta
    Dubbing and subtitling of The Square, Mommy, It's Only The End Of The World, Penny Pincher!, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Justice
  • Alba Mas
    Dubbing and voice overs for Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Movistar + TVE, LaSexta, DMAX, DKISS, MTV, Paramount Channel, Divinity, The Kardashians, Shadowhunters, Bitten
  • Laura Mejías
    Video game translation for Maldito Games (Xia, Scythe, Viticulture, Charterstone…), Soundub and Tatutrad…
  • Nuria Sanmartín
    SPS Festival 10 Sentidos and Naumaquia, Albena Produccions, Ainur Films, Filmeu, Grupo Mecomlys, Canal 9, Red Bee Media, Cinematext, Graffiti (Goya Awards 2017)…
  • Juan José Martínez Sierra
    Translations for Translingua (USA), Humor y traducción: Los Simpson cruzan la frontera (Castellón: UJI, 2008)
  • Beatriz Cerezo
    Translation of documentaries for BBC and Apple Films
  • Aarón Rodríguez
    The Invisible Eye (2018), Espejos en Auschwitz (2015), ¡Apocalipsis pop! El cine de las sociedades del malestar (2012), Stanley Kubrick y los límites del cine (2018)...
  • Anna Marzà
    Translations for Visual Producciones, Estudios Andro, Sonomàgic, Subtitula'm i Somàgic, production assistant for RTVV and linguist undergoing the certification process for À Punt
  • Núria Molines
    Translation coordinator for the publisher ContraEscritura
  • Esmeralda Azkarate-Gaztelu
    Audiovisual and theatre translator specialised in SDH and audio description in the performing arts. She has worked on more than 1500 projects in Spain, the United Kingdom and Latin America.


This master’s is highly practical. In addition, you gain real work experience at dubbing and subtitling studios, putting you in contact with professionals. You complete a dubbing and speech course to increase your professional opportunities.

Career Opportunities

As an audiovisual translator, you will be able to work independently on different projects and for different companies, join a company or work as a member of the workforce at agencies or studios in the fields of audiovisual translation, dubbing, subtitling, etc.

  • Translation of any type of audiovisual content, including video games, simulations, series, short films, feature length films, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Production of interlingual and intralingual subtitles.
  • Management and coordination of translation projects.

Your career begins here.

Alongside leading professionals and companies at the forefront of the industry.


  • 92% employed in less than one year

  • Partnerships and agreements with the leading companies in your sector


  • Put your knowledge into practice by working on real cases

  • Top-quality laboratories and facilities

  • You will study with leading experts in your field

Admissions Process

Admissions to the Graduate School at Universidad Europea are open year-round, although registration in any of its programmes is subject to the number of spaces available.

If you would like to receive personalised advice from the Graduate Admissions team, you can visit us at our campus (Paseo de la Alameda 7 ), or contact us via:

Telephone: (+34) 96 104 3883

Email: postgrado.valencia@universidadeuropea.es


Start the admissions process for studying your master’s degree at Universidad Europea now! We will guide you through all stages of the process from start to finish. You don’t have to worry about anything!











Fees and financing

7.450 €


  • Payment flexibility.
  • Universidad Europea Discounts.
  • Official Scholarships.


Candidates will not be charged, and their place will not be guaranteed, until the reservation is formalised. Get in touch with us!

New student profile and how to enrol on this programme

Our students are graduates and final-year students of the Translation, Philology, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising, and Journalism programs, as well as professionals with a strong knowledge of at least two languages.

Most importantly, they are people who are passionate about languages and to are attracted to one of the specialties of audiovisual translation (dubbing, subtitling, subtitling for the deaf, audio description or video game translation).

Admissions application

Admissions to Graduate School programmes at Universidad Europea de Valencia are open year-round, although registration in any of its programmes is subject to the number of spaces available.

If you would like personalised advice from the Graduate Admissions team, please visit our university campus located at Paseo de la Alameda 7 or contact us at:

Once we have contacted you, you must provide the following essential documents:

  • Application for Admission.
  • Copy of your DNI or identification number.
  • CV.

Credit recognition and centre transfers

You don’t have to stick with something you don’t like. That’s why we’ve designed specific plans for credit validation and transfers. If you’d like to learn about your personalized plan quickly, easily and totally free, send us an email to convalidaciones@universidadeuropea.es along with the following documentation:

  • Personal academic certificate from previous center.
  • Curriculum stamped by the previous center’s secretary.
  • Academic transcript of the subjects taken and/or enrolled in at the previous center.
  • Translation of your official degree (only for foreign students).

If you are applying for recognition based on work experience, it is necessary to provide:

  • Certificate of work history (vida laboral).
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Company certificate only when it is necessary to demonstrate the duties carried out at the company, or in the case of students with international work experience that cannot provide a certificate of work history (vida laboral).

If you have any questions, you can contact our specialist advisers by calling 91 834 34 35.

Credit transfer and recognition rules

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Academic quality

Universidad Europea boasts a wide range of recognitions that guarantee its academic quality. For example, it has been awarded the following prestigious awards: the European Seal of Excellence 500+, Quali-cert and Madrid Excelente. In the international QS Stars accreditation rating, Universidad Europea has obtained a total of four out of five stars. This external accreditation system determines the level of excellence achieved by universities in various areas. Universidad Europea has achieved the maximum score of five stars in Employability, Teaching, Facilities and Social Responsibility.


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