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a1 spanish course online

A1 Spanish Course Online

Become fluent with the 100% online B2 Spanish course.

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You will have access to unlimited conversation sessions, downloadable grammar material, live tutorials and interactive practice exercises.

Online Spanish
Start: 22 nov. 2021 Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid 4 months Private degree School of Social Sciences and Communication.

Study grants available. Ask our advisors.

A1 Spanish Course Methodology

Improve your Spanish with Universidad Europea following our 100% online methodology.

Course content

Didactic material

Didactic material that includes written explanations and practical exercises to develop your grammar.

Group lessons

24 group lessons of 1 hour once a week. A native teacher will explain the grammar of the A1 level. Students can connect to the live classes or access them later as they are all recorded.

Interactive exercises

You will have available plenty of interactive practical exercises to be able to assess the learning acquired: self-assessment test, voice recognition exercises, etc.

Group sessions

During 6 months, you will have unlimited group sessions guided by a native teachers allowing you to improve your speaking and interact with classmates from all over the world.

What will this course bring you?

Conversational fluency

The course includes unlimited conversation sessions with native Spanish teachers. These sessions will improve your fluency and allow you to break the barrier of speaking.


Gaining fluency is a key aspect to learning a new language. You will develop your speaking skills through unlimited conversation sessions with native teachers.


You will have access to academic resources like explanatory classes, downloadable material and interactive exercises.

Language level test

If you'd like to check your level of Spanish, you can apply for a level test. You will have 50 minutes to complete the test which includes sections on listening, reading and use of spanish.

Native Teachers

Live classes with the option to watch later

Group Tutorials

Unlimited, 24-hours-a-day conversation platform

100% online

Fit it in alongside your professional commitments

Benefits of learning a second language

580 million people speak Spanish around the world. It is the second most spoken language, and the third most used language on the internet. Spanish is everywhere!

If you’ve decided you’d like to learn spanish, go beyond!

The importance of learning spanish

Comillas Nowadays we live in an increasingly globalised world, and that is why the mastery of a second language as widespread in the world as Spanish is becoming more and more indispensable both in your social relations and in your job opportunities. In addition, if you are studying a higher level technical programme, degree or master's programme at Universidad Europea, and you have to carry out internships in Spain (or the clinical practice, if you are studying a health programme), it is essential that you have a high level of Spanish

Andrés Abásolo, Ph.D.

Head of Foreign Languages and International Mobility department Universidad Europea Madrid

A1 Spanish Course Study Plan

The A1 Spanish course consists of two parts:


Grammar skills

This content is fully adapted to A1 Spanish to improve your grammatical understanding.

  • 2 live grammar lessons per week, with native teachers. 24 classes in total. Students can connect to the live classes or access them later as they are all recorded.
  • Didactic material that includes written explanations and practical exercises to develop your grammar.
  • 2 group tutorials of 1 hour throughout the course in which you will be able to express your doubts to our Spanish teachers.
  • The grammar classes corresponding to A1 level will take place on Tuesday at 17:30h and Thursday at 19:30h, respecting the calendar of holidays and vacations *. This schedule is subject to change. The definitive timetable will be communicated at the beginning of the course, trying to respect the one proposed above.


Conversation Skills

Practicing listening and speaking in Spanish to gain fluency and improve comprehension of the language.

  • Gain access to an unlimited number of conversation sessions over the six-month period.
  • Group sessions will be guided by a native teacher and will include classmates from all over the world, allowing you to improve your speaking skills in an international environment.
  • Extra teaching material and exercises will be available to reinforce your reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.

Evaluation system

Upon successful completion of various online tests and exercises, you will be awarded a certificate issued by Universidad Europa.

UEM is not an official language examination centre. If you would like to obtain an official A1 level certificate, your tutor will be on hand to provide you with any information you need.

Admission Process

You can apply to the A1 Spanish course in two different ways:

Option 1

Personalised assessment: Call us on (+34) 918 340 192 or send us an email at UEONLINE@UNIVERSIDADEUROPEA.ES and a specialist advisor will give you all the information you need.

Option 2

Download the application form HERE to formally reserve and register your place. Make sure to send it, along with a photocopy of your ID, to UEONLINE@UNIVERSIDADEUROPEA.ES.

Recognised Subjects and Study Transfers:

We do not accept recognised subjects on this course.

Access requirements

Understanding your current knowledge of the subject is essential to get the most out of the Spanish course. If you would like to find out your level, we can provide an obligation-free online Spanish test. Contact our advisors to receive more information about how to take the test.


Student profile

The A1 online Spanish course is suitable for you if you have no previous knowledge of the language and it is the first time you intend to learn Spanish.

However, at UE, we have 100% online Spanish courses for all other levels. If you are unsure about your Spanish language level, we can provide you with an online test. Contact our advisors for more information.

Price and payment

Study grants available. Ask our advisors.

590 €


  • One-off payment
  • Unlimited access to 24-hour conversation platform
  • 24 one-hour group lessons once a week
  • Downloadable teaching material
  • Interactive exercises
  • 2 tutorial groups to resolve doubts