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Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid

Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School

Do you dream of working in something you’re truly passionate about? Study at the only graduate school associated with Real Madrid. Train your dreams.

An irreplaceable cultural experience


Top master’s degrees

Programmes within our portfolio have been listed among the top ten master’s degrees in Europe according to SportBusiness.


Nationalities in the classroom

Our International Vocation will allow you to enjoy a multicultural atmosphere, as more than 75% of students are international


+40% of our students

Take advantage of the unique chance to complete an internship at Real Madrid C.F.


International agreements

Beijing Sport University, Columbia University, the Saudi Arabian Leadership Institute, UCLA Anderson, Bocconi University and more.


MBA - Master's Degree in Sports Management

The leading program for executive managers who wish to advance in their professional careers.

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Specialist Courses

Become an expert and lead the digital transformation in the sports sector. Study 100% online, with live masterclasses presented by industry experts.

Awarded academic quality

Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea, is the only training entity that has obtained the Stadium Cup – National Sports Award – thanks to its constant work for the promotion and professionalization of the Sports Industry, as well as for the promotion it makes of Sports . We are proud to receive this award that was recognized in 2018.


The Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School was founded in 2006 with the aim of training the sports industry’s future leading professionals.

The alliance between Real Madrid—the most successful sports club in history—and Universidad Europea, a leading holistic education institution in Spain, aims to boost professional development and modernisation in the sector through university education.

The UE - Real Madrid Graduate School is a pioneering institution at the global level. It focuses its training methodology around the management, sports and health units that Real Madrid uses for its internal management. These units include finance, purchasing, human resources, marketing, infrastructure, legal services, communications and medical services. The managers responsible for each club unit participate in students’ academic development as a part of each master’s programme, working on case studies that come up during day-to-day life in the sports industry.

The graduate school’s academic quality and strict standards are demonstrated by the 13,000 students that have already graduated over the past 15 years, many of whom are now working as successful professionals in different areas of the sports industry today.

Meet our Board of Governors
Otilia de la Fuente

Otilia de la Fuente

CEO & President

    Elena Gazapo

    Elena Gazapo

    Dean of Universidad Europea de Madrid

      Pedro López Jiménez

      Pedro López Jiménez

      President of the Board of Governors of Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School and Vice-President of Real Madrid C.F.

        Carlos Martínez de Albornoz

        Carlos Martínez de Albornoz

        Secretary of the Board of Governors of Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School

          Emilio Butragueño

          Emilio Butragueño

          General Director of Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School

            Our students opinion

            Robrecht Sauter, Alumno Internacional Master in Sports Law
            ComillasReal Madrid Graduate School Universidad Europea’s gives me the opportunity to pursue my dreams in the sports world.

            Robrecht Sauter

            International Master in Sports Law

            Yahya Kemal Axu, Alumno Internacional Master in Sports Law
            ComillasThis program embraces a splendid history of sports, Spanish culture and academic experience with success and stamina.

            Yahya Kemal Axu

            Master in Sports Law


            Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

            Campus of Alcobendas

            Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

            Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, a Football History Monument

            Ciudad deportiva Real Madrid

            Campus of Alcobendas

            Real Madrid City

            The best Training Ground in the world

            HPR Lab Madrid

            Campus of Villaviciosa de Odón

            Human Performance Research Lab (HPRLab)

            A state-of-the-art space for learning and research.

            Residencia Universitaria Universidad Europea de Madrid

            Campus of Villaviciosa de Odón

            University accommodation in Madrid

            The Xior Picasso-Velázquez Residence Hall, a Residence Hall unlike anything you've ever seen before!

            Instalaciones Club Deportivo Universidad Europea de Madrid

            Campus of Villaviciosa de Odón

            Sports Centre

            The best and most complete sports facilities and with an experienced team of qualified professionals.


            Discover everything you need to know about studying with us.

            Emilio Butragueño
            ComillasWe are proud to be pioneers once again by offering society a university dedicated to training expert professionals with specific sports knowledge and skills.

            Emilio Butragueño

            General Director of Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School

            The School established the innovative Real Madrid Chair with a clear goal of integration, aiming at directly contributing to generating knowledge to meet the needs of the sports and university worlds and sharing this knowledge with society as a whole.

            Sports and the sports world have become a field for advanced research in disciplines such as physiology, nutrition, rehabilitation therapies and health, with the industry becoming a social science observation laboratory.

            The Real Madrid Chair has the following goals:

            • To develop cooperation between the University and the sports world, creating new knowledge and disseminating it at all levels.
            • To promote research and development in all aspects related to sports to enable the progress and integration of the academic and sports worlds.

            Held by Mario Vargas Llosa, the Real Madrid Chair has the goal of uniting all training and research projects to provide a global and complete view of the sports world under a single banner.

            • To develop university cooperation with the sports world, promoting the creation of new knowledge and the dissemination of all aspects related to sports.
            • To generate advanced research with new discoveries enabling the sports and academic worlds to progress and integrate.
            • To develop activities with a large degree of national and international involvement.
            Interview with Emilio Butragueño

            Today, sports has taken on a dimension that goes beyond the boundaries of the playing field. Is the Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School the best platform for exploring these new fields?

            Sports has indeed taken on a new dimension, becoming an activity that goes beyond the playing field. It’s no longer just a spectacle but also an alternative leisure activity, a tool for taking care of and improving health, and a mass phenomenon that attracts advertising and influences the economy.

            As a result, a need has arisen for professionals in health, leadership, communications and management in the sports sector. The Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School aims to address these new needs that the sports world is creating in society by training specialists in each sector.

            Why is the Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School a unique and pioneering school at the global level?

            There is no other university today that is specifically dedicated to training expert professionals in the sports industry with knowledge and skills that are adapted and specific to different areas such as health, management, communications or physical activity.

            What do Real Madrid and the Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School have in common?

            Both share the common goal of promoting an innovative, cutting-edge educational undertaking and striving for academic excellence, linking all educational areas to one common focal point: sports.

            On the other hand, both institutions have a clear international vocation. This is true both in the case of Universidad Europea de Madrid and Real Madrid C.F., which has clearly crossed the frontiers of the world of sports, becoming a mass phenomenon with fans across all five continents and earning the status as one of the brands with the greatest international recognition.

            You know Real Madrid like nobody else. First as a star player, and later as a renowned director. How will you draw on your experiences with the club as director of this School?

            You could say that I grew up at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and in the Real Madrid environment. During that whole time, I learned a series of codes of action that have been essential all my life. At Real Madrid, we always compete to win. So if we’re working on this project, it’s with success in mind, and, above all, with the goal of maintaining and protecting the club’s image. Because of that, one of our top concerns is ensuring that students and members of our programs are completely satisfied. That’s how I make the most of my experience and apply the club’s principles to day-to-day life at the School.

            What are the future plans of the Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School?

            One of the school’s upcoming challenges is to continue working on its international expansion. Specifically, we are implementing an ambitious expansion plan that seeks to double the school’s student population over the next five years. For example, this year the School will debut in certain countries in Asia, the US and Latin America. In addition, we want to promote our students’ mobility by offering international experiences that allow them to develop a global perspective on sports. Our students already have the opportunity to go take part in international experiences in the US, England and Germany.

            On the other hand, we are are innovating some of the School’s graduate and postgraduate programmes, namely those related to the training disciplines of physical activity, management, communications and health.

            At the postgraduate level in particular, innovation will also be reflected by the incorporation of more master’s degrees and programs taught in English and online, allowing students to join our programs from wherever they are in the world.

            How does the Real Madrid Football Club contribute to the School?

            Real Madrid C.F. is 100% committed to this project. In addition to contributing its experience as a prestigious institution, it also provides its facilities, including Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and its Valdebebas training complex. On top of that, it offers internships at Real Madrid TV and the contributions of its leading professionals, who participate in creating and teaching programs.

            Real Madrid Football Club and the Universidad Europea de Madrid are two institutions that are united by the clear goal of having an international impact. Does the Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School also aspire to have an international impact?

            The School also has a clear international vocation, which is not only demonstrated by the two institutions backing it but also by the fact that during the years since it was founded, it has established a presence in several countries in Europe, Asia, the US and Latin America.

            What are the fundamental pillars of the Universidad Europea - Real Madrid Graduate School?

            The School has clearly defined fundamental pillars. First of all, to train leading specialists in disciplines grounded in sports. Second of all, to have an international reach, which is echoed by the two institutions that back the School. And thirdly, to have a professional focus, namely by the participation of prestigious professionals from Real Madrid and Universidad Europea de Madrid in creating and teaching these programs.

            International Agreements

            Lucia Villegas Rico
            International Business Development Manager
            E-mail: lucia.villegas@universidadeuropea.es