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Study your PhD in Madrid with us and start a successful research career. Throughout your studies, we will provide you with the resources and technological tools necessary so that you can study your area of knowledge in depth and approach your research work in an innovative way. Our faculty made up of Doctors and multidisciplinary experts will help you every step of the way. All this, in an international environment. Move your research career forward and study your Doctorate at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Universidad Europea is a first-class university in Spain that offers an extensive educational offer of Higher-Level Technical Degrees, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctorates and Expert Courses. And not only that, but it also includes different areas of knowledge, such as: Communication and Marketing, International Relations, Health Sciences, Engineering, Sports and Business. In addition, we know how important flexibility is for our students, in order to combine their studies with their professional and personal lives. Therefore, they can choose between different study formats: face-to-face, online or Hyflex (face-to-face and virtual). Whatever option you choose, we make no compromise on quality, and you will receive the best educational experience possible. Check out the portfolio and get in touch with us.

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