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modelo académico

Academic model: campus-based methodology

HyFlex Experiential Learning

Discover a new flexible and personalised academic model, which combines face-to-face and virtual classrooms. At Universidad Europea, we want to accompany you on a journey of experiential learning where human knowledge and the most advanced technology unite to ensure you unleash your potential—enabling you to achieve your professional goals and add value to the world.  

Our academic experiential learning model, HyFlex, provides a flexible and personalised training experience that allows students to develop the knowledge, skills and values they need to maximise their employability in a diverse and globalised world.

Our One University model—shared by all our institutions and programmes—allows you to enhance your professional value through its four development dimensions:intellectual, professional, international and socioethical. This approach ensures you develop a holistic professional view and guarantees you can make the most of interprofessional learning right from day one.

The HyFlex experiential learning model integrates face-to-face and virtual classrooms, redesigning the learning space and enabling you to learn by doing with the guidance of a highly qualified faculty trained in educational technology.  The model is founded on three pillars:

In-Person Classes

An innovative training format adapted to the world of work, set in fully-equipped facilities capable of recreating working environments. A vast faculty made up of real-world professionals will lead classes that are directly related to their career experience, guaranteeing you will constantly apply your learning to real-world contexts right from day one.

  • Innovative and experience-based training in small groups.
  • Excellent facilities that recreate your future professional environments.
  • Constant guidance from teachers with real-world professional experience to guarantee professional immersion right from day one.
  • Facilities that are accessible outside of university hours to guarantee maximum use and learning that allows you to maximise “your airtime”.
  • More than 14,000 employer partnerships in order to offer a wide range of internships to all students.
  • Active methodologies, an interdisciplinary approach and digitalisation so you can achieve a comprehensive and holistic professional vision.
prácticas presenciales

Your experience will be focused on learning by 'doing'

The Extended Classroom
High value content

At Universidad Europea, we supplement all our training with exclusive and differential digital content that adds value to your learning experience.

  • Basic courses, multimedia content, masterclasses, webinars, tutorials and online workshops that allow students to train with the best professionals in the field.
  • Access to simulators, virtual and augmented reality, and skills training, using the best technology.

At Universidad Europea, we don’t just train you to achieve your professional goals, but to add value to a more sustainable and diverse society.

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Personalise your learning

Our academic focus

Experiential learning forms the basis of this model, in which you will learn by doing with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach that prepares you for a diverse and international world. Experiential learning allows you to acquire the knowledge, competencies and skills needed to thrive in your future profession and tackle any obstacles to social and digital transformation. 

We think of our students as unique individuals who stand out from the rest. They’re ambitious people with initiative and a critical view of their surroundings, as well as the ability to creatively solve problems.

The teacher’s role in this model is to accompany you throughout your training until the transition towards your personal and professional development. The teacher in the classroom will guide you through the various learning methodologies that each pillar of the model deploys, assuring the development of skills and values that underpin our vision of a globalised world.

Our ideas are transmitted to the classroom through six educational pillars:

  • In our simulated environments, learning takes place in a safe environment with different levels of complexity and accuracy, seeking the closest approach to the real world. Simulation, challenge-based learning, problem-based learning, gamification, etc. Learning that helps you gain confidence and conviction for better performance in professional environments.
  • Thanks to these professional environments, our training is adapted to the reality of work and guarantees a connection with the professional world from the outset. We have over 6,000 partnerships with companies who provide internships and other professional activities. This not only promotes our students’ learning, but allows them to continuously update the skills they need to thrive in the world of work.
  • Unlike traditional models where business functions operate in silos, today's professionals need a holistic understanding and operate. Our integrated curriculum encourages students to combine knowledge and skills while connecting distinct concepts and areas of action. This enables you to take an approach that goes well beyond one discipline or subject, bringing you closer to realities of the professional world.
  • You will learn to work as a team and interact with other agents such as professionals, clients, patients and companies to achieve a 360º view. Our multidisciplinary approach in different environments enriches your training experience and prepares you for the reality of work, where interprofessional collaboration is essential.
  • Constant curiosity and critical thinking are feature in our model, enabling you to develop your research skills. Digital transformation is everywhere, and you will learn to systematically analyse information and make decisions in complex situations with a data-driven approach. We promote entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.
  • As well as preparing you to be the best professional in your field of study, we also train global and responsible citizens. These values permeate every part of our model, so that our graduates are socially, ethically and environmentally committed. 

Our core teaching-learning approach is fed by a strong student-teacher relationship and supported by an advanced technological infrastructure. Your training is assured thanks to our faculty’s unrivalled academic excellence and our students’ consistently high levels of satisfaction with their teaching.

In addition to teaching support, we employ a range of university representatives including academic counsellors. In this way, we strive to help you seamlessly settle in and develop your autonomy, while encouraging you to participate in university life by taking advantage of all the formative opportunities on offer.