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Metodología Online

Academic model: online methodology

Online Academic Model

An Online Methodology Aimed To Help You Complete Your Studies And Achieve Your Goals

Our Online Academic Model allows you to reach your academic goals, providing the flexibility you need with experiential learning. This model focuses on the world of work and takes place at a University that is a leader in educational quality and innovation. Your virtual classes will provide quality content and innovative elements, such as collaborative software and simulators, and are taught by leading professors.

vídeo metodología online

All of this is possible through our innovative, creative and transformative methodology based on three pillars:



We accompany you throughout your programme to ensure a well-rounded experience.


You will have constant interaction with your classmates, professors and tutor

Balance your personal, professional and academic life

Balance your personal, professional and academic life seamlessly with our weekly virtual classes that can be accessed live or viewed later.  The professors will provide the content and you will be able to actively participate.

We provide content designed by leading experts in order to facilitate agile and effective learning at your own pace. Offering elements such as:

Con elementos tales como:

  • Collaborative tools that allow you to work on team projects and challenges based on real-life situations.

  • High-quality videos that will make sure your experience is exceptional. Interviews and presentations by leaders in your field, and simulations of real-world scenarios that could take place in the professional world.

You will have a tutor to help you throughout your entire University experience. This tutor will accompany you in a personalised manner so that you only have to worry about your studies and achieving your goals in a timely manner.

The professor will be available outside of the virtual classes to answer questions that you may have about the material.

We will also provide you with a student Dashboard which will allow you to stay organised and allow you to access relevant information about your studies at a glance: your progress on activities which are in continuous assessment, unread messages, forum notifications and more.

An Intuitive and Innovative Virtual Campus

You will benefit from our intuitive and dynamic virtual campus that will help guide you on your academic journey offering:

Communication tools

that will help you stay in touch and work together with your classmates, professors and tutor

Virtual Laboratories

equipped with all of the software that you may need throughout your studies.

24x7 Support

via phone and chat so that we can help you with any technical issues.

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Available online

At Universidad Europea

You can count on our outstanding Educational Community to accompany you on your academic journey toward achieving your professional goals and contributing to society.