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Observatorio de Inteligencia Artificial en Educación Superior

Observatory of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

Observatory of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly in recent years. In addition to its extraordinary disruptive capacity, there is enormous uncertainty as to its truepotential and impact in the various professional fields.

To better understand how artificial intelligence can and should be taught at the university, and how it can be applied to improve the efficiency of various processes, the European University of Madrid (Universidad Europea de Madrid, UEM) constitutes

this Observatory of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education (Observatorio de Inteligencia Artificial en Educación Superior, OIAES).

The Observatory aims to issue at least one annual report in which it collects its perception of the state of the art of this discipline and its foreseeable development in the short and medium term, with emphasis on its possible applications in the field of higher education and the risks to be taken into account. Although it is focused on the field of higher education, it will hopefully be useful to society at large.

The Observatory will be composed of professionals of recognized prestige in the academic and/or industrial field, by senior professors of the School with experience and knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence, by senior professors from other faculties, and by non-teaching staff with an interest in this discipline for its possible applications.

This first report of the OIAES is the result of the preliminary work carried out by the panel of professors of the UEM, culminating in the meeting held with external experts on September 5 at the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design of the European

University of Madrid.

OIAES Report#1 (22 September 2023)

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