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Private Master’s Degree in Sport Technologies and Digital Transformation Madrid

Transform the sports industry thanks to a pioneering master's. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of new technology used in sport through a practical methodology led by industry leaders.

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Masters in Sports Technology

Our Masters in Sports Technology has been designed for students who wish to have a critical understanding of how digital technologies in the sports industry are having a huge impact and changing the face of sport as we know it. Sport has been at the forefront of embracing new technologies to improve the fan experience, analyse player performance, and improve recovery time from injuries, among others.

The aim of this 9-month Master in Digital Transformation is to provide students with a practical and in-depth knowledge of how to work with and make the most of sports technology —from data analysis to virtual reality, and blockchain to geolocation—while taking into account the importance of applying the right strategies to obtain the best possible performance from them.

Alcobendas 60 ECTS
Start: 21 oct. 2024 Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid
9 months School of Sports Sciences
Private degree Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea

Why study this Master in Sports Technology?

This unique program is designed to train the future professional leaders of the sports industry and its disruptive digital transformation, responding to the necessity of qualified professionals in regard to sports tech innovation.

The programme is made up of international experts experienced in Industry 4.0 and digitally transforming businesses, as well as recognised professionals from the world's leading sports entities. Students will also have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the business and transformation model used by Real Madrid C.F. from its professionals. A unique master’s programme to help you become a leading professional in the sports industry of the future.

During the master’s programme, students will be in direct and constant contact with highly renowned professionals from the sports and the new technologies industries, creating a unique international networking opportunity. In addition, this programme aims to boost your entrepreneurial spirit and you will be advised by top professionals for your own business adventure.

During the programme, you will be encouraged to participate in real projects. The Master’s Final Project is beneficial for your professional development as you will have to create your own entrepreneurial idea, guided by top professionals, or you can complete an Innovation Consulting Project with a real sports organisation.

Apart from this, 100% of students will enjoy professional internships where they can work on different innovation projects developed with Real Madrid C.F. through Real Madrid Next, and a network of innovation and technology companies cooperating with the club in this area.

Our teaching staff is composed of highly renowned professionals from the sports and new technologies industries. Outside of the classroom, students are able to enjoy multiple visits to top companies in order to learn about new technologies and digital transformation from their executives. Several Real Madrid C.F. executives, from marketing to innovation departments, form part of the teaching staff.

Beside Real Madrid executives you will have access to professionals and experts in each field of the master, including those in artificial intelligence from Olocip, CEOs & founders of sports tech companies, Real Madrid partners in different projects. In summary, all leaders in the transformation process of the sports industry.

Check the whole list in the faculty section of this page.

This master offers the student an in-depth look into Real Madrid C.F.'s transformation and innovation process. At a time like this, with all the processes of transformation, the renovation of the stadium and various innovative projects within the club, Real Madrid is making a strong commitment to digital transformation and innovation, and you will have the opportunity to live it from the inside.

Students will have the chance to participate in real transformation and Innovation projects at Real Madrid CF together with Real Madrid NEXT, the club’s iniciative to transform the club in all relevant areas together with 4.0 technology companies and start-ups. Beside this Real Madrid NEXT professionals and its partners will share their projects, knowledge and experiences with our students at the classrooms.

Enjoy exclusive experiences with Real Madrid C.F., including the White Week event, professional visits, live sporting events, networking events and a unique international trip.

The school’s academic quality is certified by its 17-year history and 15,000 graduates, most of whom are now successful international professionals in the sports industry.

International experiences

The international vocation of the school allows it to offer the student a unique and exclusive offer of International field trips that will allow you to discover the most renowned sport entities and facilities worldwide, during these experiences you’ll have the chance to learn hand to hand with their professionals the most succesfull strategies and business models in the sports industry.

Choose your own international field trip and discover the Sports industry from within it.


International trip

To London where you will enjoy exclusive meetings with leading professionals in the sport and digital innovation industries.


Of students enjoy professional Internships

Together with Real Madrid NEXT, the club's initiative to lead the digital transformation in the club. You will participate in different projects aiming to innovate through the Real Madrid business models.


Professional visits

During the program you will participate in more than 10 visits to top level sports entities and new technologies companies


Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

Campus of Alcobendas

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, a Football History Monument

Ciudad deportiva Real Madrid

Campus of Alcobendas

Real Madrid City

The best Training Ground in the world

Study plan

A unique programme developed by top professionals in new technologies and the field of sports to train the future leading professionals of the sports industry.

  • Ecosystem of the sports industry from a business perspective
  • Key Core Concepts
    • Sports industry and technology
    • State of art and trends
    • Global Sports tech Overview”
    • Sports entities operations Area
    • Sports entities performance Area
    • About Governance & Legal
  • Real Madrid Next Tech & Innovation Overview Study Case
  • Big Data in Sports. Data Souce and types of data in Sports
  • Garbage in - garbage out
  • Business Intelligence
  • From BI to AI
  • AI as a driver of a new industrial revolution
  • What is a AI?
  • What can and cannot machines do?
  • Impact of AI on sports
  • AI ladder
  • AI Areas
  • Real Madrid Case Study Blockchain y Ticketing
  • Injury Prevention and Treatment
  • Chiropody
  • Nutrition
  • Genetics, Microbiome, and Physiology inSports
  • Artificial Intelligence: How can be implemented for health and wellness? Real Madrid C. F. Study Case
  • Training
  • Methodology
  • Scouting and Performance Analysis
  • Sensors: GPS, local positioning system, pulsometer, sweat sensors
  • Artificial ntelligence performance analysis football
  • Artificial ntelligence performance analysis Basketball
  • Artificial Inteligence Tennis (Computer Vision systems) Real Madrid C.F. Study Case
  • Sports Media and Technology
  • Sports Production: Streaming eSports
  • Artificial ntelligence: How can be implemented?(Computer Vision)
  • Real Madrid C. F. Audiovisual Content Study Case
  • Foundations
  • Social Responsability projects
  • Sustainability
  • Artificial ntelligence: How can be implemented?
  • Real Madrid Study Case
  • Cybersecurity and Technological Infrastructures
  • Organization of a major sport event
  • Stadium and Arenas Design
  • Innovation Sport Events
  • VR and AR
  • Ticketing and pricing
  • Artificial ntelligence: How can be implemented?
  • Real Madrid Study Case
  • Automation of the playing field (how do you remove the grass...?)
  • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media
      Fan Engagement
      Physical retail
      Artificial Intelligence as a key tool for Sports Marketing
      Real Madrid C. F. Study Case

Internships are a key part of your education. Acquiring experience after what you have learnt in your degree is the best way to enter the employment market. There are two types of internships: curricular—which are included in your study plan—and extracurricular, which you can do on a voluntary basis.

The Master in Sport Technologies and Digital Transformation will offer you several professional opportunities thanks to the international networking that you will be able to develop in the classroom, the professional visits to top entities and the professional challenges and internships in which you will be involved.

All of our students will enjoy training periods at Real Madrid Next, cooperating with the club’s initiative to promote technologies and digital innovation in all aspects of the Club. You will be also challenged to develop innovation consultancy projects for different sport entities and be pushed to move forward with your entrepreneurial spirit.

If you want to gain extra work experience before finalising your university studies, you are welcome to carry out extracurricular internships. You can carry them out in whichever year of your studies you choose, but we remind you that internships are formative and should complement your studies. The more theoretical knowledge you have acquired throughout your degree, the more you will benefit from the internships.

Our partners


Professional Opportunities

This programme is aimed at graduates and professionals in the sports industry who want to become a key element in a company's transformation through an in-depth knowledge of the new technologies used in sport.

In 2018, reports such as The Future Of Jobs by the World Economic Forum pointed to how some of the most in-demand professionals in the coming years will be those related to the field of technology and innovation: data analyst, AI and machine learning specialist, digital transformation specialist… this trend will affect also the sports industry, which is engaged in a transformation process.

All of our students will enjoy training periods at Real Madrid Next, cooperating with the club’s initiative to promote technologies and digital innovation in all aspects of the club. You will be also challenged to develop innovation consultancy projects for different sport entities and be pushed to move forward with your entrepreneurial spirit.


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This programme is aimed at graduates and professionals in the sports industry who want to become a key element in a company's transformation through an in-depth knowledge of the new technologies used in sport. The main application profiles are:

  • Graduates with a technical qualification: engineering, mathematics, etc.
  • Graduates with a qualification in management or finance
  • Graduates of a sports-related degree programme
  • Professionals in the sports industry with proven experience
  • Technicians in the field of new technology, finance and/or business with proven experience.

English B2

  1. Documentation

To begin the admissions process, please first book your appointment online or by calling 91 740 72 72.

  • Proof you passed the entrance exam
  • Two photocopies of your ID
  • Administrative student file transfer
  • Proof of payment of the admission fee before or on the date of the appointment
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  • Skills and abilities test
  • General knowledge test
  • Language assessment test
  • Personal interview

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You don’t have to carry on doing something you don’t want to. For this reason, we have designed a specific university transfer plan to avoid repeating selected modules. If you want to know your personalised plan, as quickly and easily as possible, send us an email to convalidaciones@universidadeuropea.es along with the following documentation:

  • Personal academic certificate from your original degree.
  • Study plan signed by the Secretariat from the centre of origin.
  • The academic programme from the subjects studied and/or enrolled in during the original degree.
  • Officially translated degree certificate (only in the case of foreign graduates)
  • If you request recognition for professional experience, you will be required to provide:
  • National Insurance record
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Company certificate (only if it is necessary to provide proof of tasks carried out in the company, or if students have international professional experience and cannot provide a national insurance record).

For any questions, you can contact our advisors by calling +34 91 834 34 35.

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The faculty on this master's has 5 % of doctors

Carlos Ocaña Orbis

Director of Corporate Projects and Regulation. Member of the Executive Committee of Real Madrid C.F.

Mario Garrido

Chief Business Development Officer OLOCIP

  • Israel Garcia
    Digital Strategy Director at Real Madrid C.F.
  • Michael Sutherland
    Chief Transformation Officer Real Madrid C.F.
  • Alex Wicks
    Global Head of Partnerships at Real Madrid C.F.
  • Julien Piwowar
    Responsible for Innovation at Real Madrid Next
  • Carlos Cantó
    CEO & Founder SPSG Consulting
  • Enrique Uriel
    Chief Information Officer at Real Madrid C.F.
  • Ignacio Menaya
    Project Manager at Real Madrid C.F.
  • Victor Alfaro
    General Director Podoactiva. Chiropody responsable at Real Madrid C.F.
  • Adrian Odriozola (PhD)
    KDNA Genomics
  • Niko Mihic
    Head of Medical Services Real Madrid C.F.
  • Carlos Carrion
    Real Madrid C.F.
  • Julio Tojo
    Facilities Director at Real Madrid C.F.
  • Juan Iraola
    Digital Transformation Manager Baskonia Alavés Group and Funder Sports Innovation Alliance
  • Mounir Zok
  • Veronica Gil
  • Coke Ferreiro
  • Javier Doña
    Stadia & Arena Advisor
  • Óscar Ugaz
    Strategy Director Atomikal Marketing Digital
  • Rohn Malhotra
    Co-Founder at SportsTechX
  • Sanyu Karani
    Co-Founder & CEO FUNDING BOX
  • Sergio Cervantes
    Founder & PArtner SportED
  • Esteban Granero
    CEO Olocip / CSO Best of You Sports
  • Pedro Claveria
    CoCeo and Founder Playtomic.io
  • Angel Herraiz
    Real Madrid sports performance projects
  • Antonio Pintus
    Real Madrid C. F. Physical Trainer
  • Juan Antonio Fernandez
    Centro Nacional de la Real Federación Española de Golf Managing Director
  • Suzanne Huurman
    Sports Physician at Real Madrid C.F
  • Sergio Nieto
  • Victoria Hawksley
    VP International Retail | LEGENDS INTERNATIONAL
  • German Arguelles
    Purpose driven leader in the sports and education industries
  • Manuel Fernández
    Academy Real Madrid CF Director
  • Luis LLagostera
    CEO Fly-Fut
  • Javier Bosch
    Founder and President at Nothingbutnet Group
  • Morgan Jacquin
    Head Of Business Development and Operations at SkillCorner
  • Alvaro Gomar
    First Team Real Madrid CF Analyst
  • Dr. Jesús Alvarez Herms
    Doctor en Fisiología Deportiva. Entrenador de deportistas de Alto Nivel como Bruno Hortelano, Javier Guerra.
  • Dr. Adrián Odriozola
    Doctor en Bioquímica y Biología Molecular. Profesor de Genética de la Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU). Director del Grupo de Investigación Sport Genomics del Departamento de Genética de la UPV/EHU
  • Nicolás Miranda
    Customer Success Manager EU at Catapult

Academic quality

Universidad Europea is renowned for its academic excellence and has been recognised worldwide with awards as prestigious as the European Seal of Excellence 500+, QualiCert certification, and the Madrid Excellence award.

In the international accreditation rating, QS Stars, Universidad Europea has obtained a total of four stars out of five. This external accreditation system determines the level of excellence achieved by universities in several areas. Universidad Europea has achieved the maximum score of five stars in employability, teaching, facilities and social responsibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

One of the key areas for job growth within the sport sector surrounds data and technology. This Master in Sports Technology and Digital Transformation will equip you with the skills and knowledge to successfully lead the change to a more data-driven approach in all areas of the sport world - from sport business, player analysis, scouting, and more. Some of the typical roles that graduates will go into once they complete their studies include: Data Analyst, AI and Machine Learning specialist, digital transformation specialist.

If you are thinking of studying a masters in sports technology, you should look no further than the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea. For the past 15 years, students have been learning about all aspects of the sports business - marketing, journalism, law, management and more - alongside experts from Real Madrid - one of the most recognisable and prestigious sports brands in the world.

Should you choose this masters programme, you will gain the skills necessary to become an expert in the field of sports technology and have the opportunity to network with professionals from the club, carry out work placements, and experience live events and other exclusive opportunities, and see the inner workings of the club both at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and the Real Madrid City sports complex in Valdebebas.

Our masters in sports technology is designed to give you an overall understanding how data and technology is transforming all aspects of the sport sector. As a result, when you complete your studies, you will have a profile that will appeal to all types of sports organisations and companies. Our academic model is based on a learning by doing approach, so you will work on real cases studies and within various departments at Real Madrid and other partners, developing the skills necessary to lead the digital transformation in the future.

The study plan on this programme covers areas such as sports technology and its impact on sports performance, nutrition and health; sports venues and the viewing experience in the future at smart stadiums; AI, data and sports marketing; and leadership in the sports sector.

Because this master in sports technology and digital transformation is a broad programme designed to develop the skills needed to lead the change within the sports sector, it will appeal to students from all backgrounds.

Previous candidates for this masters include:

  • Graduates with a technical qualification in engineering or mathematics
  • Graduates from a social sciences background
  • Students with a sports-related undergraduate degree
  • Professionals already working in the sports industry looking to boost their careers