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Ciudad deportiva Real Madrid

Real Madrid City

The best Training Ground in the world

Real Madrid City

The Real Madrid City, the biggest sports complex ever build by a football club.


Square meters

Over more than 1.2 million square meters you can find all Real Madrid family together, from players to fans or club’s employees.


Football fields

10 football fields surrounded by terraces for more than 11.000 fans.

Ciudad Real Madrid Valdevebas

The House of XXIth century Real Madrid

Here there’s a place for all your dreams. Over more than 1.2 million square meters you can find all Real Madrid family together, from players to fans or club’s employees.

At its center, a huge T bulding with 9.000 m2 which host locker rooms, classrooms, offices, press room, hydrotherapy áreas, gym, medical center… on its sides 10 football fields surrounded by terraces for more than 11.000 fans. There is no other city like this.

In the last years some buldings have been added to this city as for instance the first team residence at the top of the T building to inspire all youth players to arrive to the top, the youth Academy residence, or the management offices allowing the club to meet all the members of its family at the same city

Learn from inside the Club

During the Master you’ll have the chance to visit this facilities and learn from inside the Club, cooperating and learning from the Club’s professionals on their daily activity

Enjoy a privileged environment

Depending on the master you’ll Enjoy Masterclasses, practice sessions, professional internships and much more experiences inside this unique comples, as per example our Get Together event where all our Students Enjoy their own football championship at the Real Madrid City.

Unique work sessions

All our Students Will visit this facilities. In some masters students will also enjoy practice sessions together with the club’s professionals, Masterclasses with the club’ Executives, or the professional internships that are enjoyed mostly at this facilities, no matter if you will work in or out the field.

Inside the Real Madrid City you’ll have the chance to enjoy some of the following facilities

The White House

The White House

Only Club related people are allowed to visit the Youth Academy area. In this T building all teams Real Madrid and away club have their locker rooms and facilties for every match. There are 7 fields dedicated exclusively to the youth categories. Each field has its own terraces and the grass is the same as the one used in Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

The shape of this building, as a ‘T’ has a clear inspirational function as young players advance through the T to the top as they grow up being a Real Madrid player.

Training Fields

Training Fields

Located on each sides of the T building. In the top of the T you can find the first team training area, from there they can access the field, their residence or the medical center. Downstairs there’s the big Physiotherapy area and an impressive hydrotherapy area, with four pools and other facilitie, at the Main Floor a VIP room for the players and Media zone with more than 2.000 m2.

The firs team locker room is the dream of each child in the youth academy, it is communicated with a huge Gym and the three training fields dedicated, with the same grass as Bernabeu Stadium and capacity for around 11.000 fans.

First Team and Youth Academy residence

First Team and Youth Academy residence

This facility is a huge step in quality in the Club’s be ton the future providing to the players all comodities for their performance and their growth. Inaugurated in 2014 is one of the worldwide top high performance center for athletes.
The residence has a swimming pool, gaming areas, a cinema, and 57 individual rooms, over more than 7.800 m2.



The Pavillion completes the unique offer of facilities and services at the Real Madrid City This building is dedicated for all events and trining sessions of the Basketball section, first team and youth Academy teams.

Club’s Offices

Club’s Offices

In 2018 was inaugurated this building which has its own Business Center and Auditorium. In this building work together almos all managment departments running the daily activity from the club from the Real Madrid City.