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Medicine and Health Blog

Do not miss the opportunity to become one of the health professionals of the future. Studying Biomedical and Health at Universidad Europea allows you to choose between different options: become a professional or, if you prefer, dedicate yourself to health research. Find out here about the latest news on Medicine and Health

What is the green house effect?

The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon whereby heat is trapped in the earth's atmosphere, where greenhouse gases (GHGs) are found. Read on for more!

What is cardiopulmonary physiotherapy?

In this post, we look at what is cardiopulmonary physiotherapy, what is used for, and the techniques involved. Read on for more information!

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What is a psychological assessment?

In this post, learn about psychological assessments: their definition, who conducts them, what's involved, types, and educational paths to becoming a psychologist.

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Difference between orthodontist and dentist

Discover the key differences between orthodontists and dentists, including their roles, training, and specialties, to help you decide on which you’d like to be.

Biotechnology: what is it and what are the career opportunities?

If you are thinking about studying a degree in Biotechnology, in this article we analyse in depth what Biotechnology is and what career opportunities it offers.

What is cortisol and why is it important?

Cortisol is a hormone that circulates through the bloodstream to the organs and tissues, helping in growth, metabolism and mood, among other things.

What is dental scaling and root planing?

Scaling and root planing is essential for optimal and balanced oral health, preventing dental problems. In this post, we look at them both in more detail.

What is a self-fulfilling prophecy in psychology?

A self-fulfilling prophecy can trigger the very thing we want to avoid. This phenomenon is based on the influence of beliefs and expectations. Find out more!

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The history of psychology

The origin of psychology goes back many centuries. In this post, we take a look at it’s beginnings, evolution, and what to study to work in the areas of psychology that exist today.

What is oral hygiene?

Good oral hygiene allows us to maintain a healthy smile, preventing dental problems and increasing our self-esteem. Find out in this post all about what is good oral hygiene.

Osteotherapy Physio.jpg
Osteotherapy vs physiotherapy: The differences

Osteotherapy and physiotherapy are both focused on the area of musculoskeletal health but have very clear differences. Let’s take a look more at them both and see what makes them different.

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How to be a paediatric dentist

Discover how to become a paediatric dentist in this post. Find out the typical duties, their role in improving good oral hygiene for children, and what they need to study.

What is emotional attachment?

Emotional attachment determines the way people relate to each other, beginning in childhood and evolving into adulthood.

What is kinesiotherapy?

If you want to know what kinesiotherapy is, what its application methods are or why it is so beneficial to our health, read on further.

What is somatisation?

Somatisation is a process where emotional and psychological problems are expressed through physical symptoms, all of which are linked to emotional problems.

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Differences between orthosis and prosthesis

he terms orthosis and prosthesis are often used in the world of physiotherapy. In this post, we’ll look at what each one is, and how a physio can help patients.

What is couple’s therapy?

Couples therapy is an increasingly sought-after speciality in psychology. Find out when it is necessary and what types of couple therapy exist.

What is systemic therapy?

In this post, we tell you what systemic family therapy consists of, the different treatments for patients, and what to study to be able to work in this specialised sector.

What is teeth whitening?

If you want to know what teeth whitening is, what types exist and how to maintain a perfect smile after this treatment, read this article.

What is psychometrics?

In our latest post, we’ll look at what psychometrics is and how this science has helped the development of psychology. Find out what you should study to work in this field.

Dental photography: What is it and how to take good images?

Become a professional in dental photography at Universidad Europea. Learn about equipment and techniques and advance your career!

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Types of psychological therapy

What types of therapies exist in psychology? Explore the psychological theories that underlie them and discover more about each one in this post.