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Smart Lab Universidad Europea de Valencia

Smart Dental Laboratory

SMART LAB—an intelligent virtual, 3D, 2D and haptic clinical simulation laboratory designed to train dental students’ fine motor skills

The SMART LAB is part of the immersive reality simulation facilities for the Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences at Universidad Europea de Madrid. It has been designed under rigorous, didactic criteria that integrate state-of-the-art digital, mixed and extended technology for the training of manual skills that require high muscular control by the dentistry student, starting from their first academic year and continuing until their fourth academic year.  

SMART LAB is the hinge space between preclinical training and early professional practice. With a high level of graphic resolution—zoom in up to 300%—the student can train motor skills of extreme psychomotor finesse, making the operative protocols that allow them to learn by doing completely cognitive and memorable.

It’s an open-plan facility with state-of-the-art technology, allowing techniques to be shown digitally and physically, making them accessible for diagnostic discussion, decision making, clinical exercise and the visualisation of details with a remarkable audiovisual exquisiteness. All of this will improve the therapeutic awareness of the student with regard to real practice and the traditional simulation they carry out in other spaces.

Aspects such as synchronism between the guiding hand and the pedal, indirect vision and ergonomics are also enhanced with these pre-clinical exercises. Assisted by laboratory professors offering continuous feedback, the autonomy and safety of the student and the future patient is consolidated.

The seven spaces are available to Dentistry professors and students from academic years one to four in the following courses:

  • Introduction to the Clinic
  • Biomaterials
  • Pediatric Dentistry I
  • Pediatric Dentistry II
  • Prosthesis III
  • Prosthesis IV
  • Restorative I
  • Restorative II

The 7 complex haptic trainers with 2D and 3D settings (Simodont ®) in the SMART LAB are the penultimate generation in hardware, with software that can be updated every year. They are linked to a professor's station—Teach Station—with commands on the 19" DELL computer connected to the Epson EB 585Wi interactive projector in order to magnify digital and haptic practices on virtual 3D models while streaming video.

The SMART LAB also incorporates a 3D pre-simulation platform, controlled by computers, SMART BOARD and Oculus Quest 128 GB virtual reality glasses linked to joysticks for synchronous and asynchronous 3D virtual guided tours of the facility.

This exercise involves a serious games routine with the aesthetics, dynamics and laws of in-person classroom protocol, which statistically processes the students’ paths and gives them a score automatically, thus enhancing the extended use of the laboratory.