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Laboratorio de Estructura y Función Universidad Europea de Madrid

Structure and Function Laboratory I

This lab is a multifunctional space designed to respond to the anatomy training needs of health sciences students.

This lab is a multifunctional space designed to respond to the anatomy training needs of health sciences students. The goal of this space is to bring together different areas of knowledge. With that in mind, it features the resources needed so students can study anatomy alongside physiology and histology in an interconnected and integrated manner.

In this lab, students can acquire a comprehensive view of the human body through anatomical models, histological preparations and physiological simulators.

The goal is for students to acquire the basic training that their courses demand in these fields in a holistic and comprehensive manner.

It is an open space adapted for both teacher-led training and to serve as a classroom for autonomous learning where students can go to use the available resources during their hours of study.

The Structure and Function Laboratory I is utilised by all degrees where anatomy, histology or physiology is an integral part of the programme, including:

  • The Bachelor’s in Medicine
  • The Bachelor’s in Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Sports Sciences
  • Advanced Vocational Training

Like all spaces in this field, this laboratory consists of multifunctional classrooms that are adapted for various specialised workshops.

The Structure and Function I Laboratory possesses materials and resources that make it a foundational tool in the training of health sciences students, such as:

  1. Individual lockers to store students' personal items.
  2. Mobile tables allowing for the space to be easily adapted to each activity.
  3. Computer lab,  equipped with seven desktop computers for student work and equipped with ADAM®, a digital anatomy atlas.
  4. Virtual reality zone, equipped with two computers with ORGANON 3D Software installed.
  5. Extensive ossuary of natural bones.
  6. Possibility of an expanded classroom.
  7. Extensive collection of anatomical models including:
  • Osteology
  • Arthrology
  • Splanchnology
  • Nervous System
  • Myology
  1. All the necessary resources for study:
  • Netter Atlas
  • Visible body
  • Visible body: A&P
  • Complete Anatomy 19
  • Anat. Lab. Histology
  • Smart Histology
  • Case files, Biochemistry, McGraw-Hill Education
  1. Microscopes for all workstations and iPads.