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Centro de Investigación Animal Aplicada

Centre for Applied Animal Research

The Centre for Applied Animal Research is a modern facility that enables clinical and preclinical research to be integrated into veterinary practice

The Centre for Applied Animal Research is a modern facility that enables clinical and preclinical research to be integrated into veterinary practice, as well as introduce students to multiple lines of research in which they can train.

It has the resources needed to research large, medium and small animal species, with the support of a fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratory.

The Centre for Applied Animal Research enables students to include veterinary research as a real professional opportunity that opens up a wide range of job opportunities for our graduates, whether in pure research, research centers, animal facilities, the pharmaceutical industry or Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

As the first Spanish university to introduce students to the field of professional research through the curriculum of its undergraduate degree, it is essential to have a multi-species research center such as this one that enables our students to develop their professional and research skills, not only with lab animals but also any domestic animals or livestock. These facilities also allow them to learn the techniques used to slaughter animals for food using a respectful simulation activity.

The facilities available in the Centre for Applied Animal Research enable students to carry out the research phase of their End-of-degree Projects, internships related to applied research in the Professional rotation program, as well as those related to Veterinary Research and Food Safety and Hygiene.

Two areas

The Centre for Applied Animal Research is split into two areas that provide additional and valuable support.

Main building of the Teaching and Research Farm

The first is the main building of the Teaching and Research Farm, with spaces specially designed for researching animals while alive and post-mortem.

  • We have a large necropsy room for studying animal carcasses, designed to fit cranes for moving large carcasses as well as refrigerators and freezers to store them. This space is also used for the first university-based virtual slaughterhouse, allowing students to study the process in-depth under good animal welfare conditions, as well as classify carcasses.

  • The practical area is completed with a challenge and research zone which has a BSL-2 biocontainment area, in a controlled environment, divided into three climatized areas and separated by double doors and advanced biosafety methods, used to conduct multiple studies on large, medium and small species, as well as an animal research facility and canine area for breeding dogs to be used in teaching.

Professional and research laboratories

We also have the professional and research laboratories on the second floor of the Veterinary Hospital:

  • Microscopy and histology room

  • Large clinical biopathology lab subdivided into work areas (biochemistry and protein electrophoresis, hematology, parasitology and ELISA)

  • Molecular biology lab and separate microbiology lab, which enable histopathological, biopathological, histochemical, microbiological and molecular biology studies to be carried out, among others.