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Laboratorio de simuladores Odontología preclínica Universidad Europea de Madrid

Simulator Laboratory - Preclinical Dentistry

A space designed for practical, comprehensive pre-clinical training.

The Preclinical Simulation Laboratory is part of the modern facilities of the Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences at Universidad Europea de Madrid. It has been designed so that the student, during their preclinical training and in a simulated way, acquires the knowledge and skills of the different dental techniques and treatments that they will have to put into practice on real patients during their clinical period.

The Preclinical Simulator Laboratory provides the dental student with a work space that is very similar to the reality of the profession.  The student acquires training competences and technical skills in each and every one of the courses that make up the field of knowledge of Dentistry. It is a safe environment for students who are tutored directly and all throughout their learning process by expert professors who are capable of transferring their professional experience to the lecture environment. This simulated training space prepares students for their clinical training, contributing significantly to patient safety.

In the simulator laboratory, dental students are trained in almost all the preclinical courses included in academic years one to four. Starting with an introduction to clinical practice, passing through the knowledge and handling of Biomaterials, and continuing with the carrying out of periodontal treatments in the subject of Periodontics or their practical training in fields such as Paediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Prosthesis, Medical and Surgical Oral Pathology, Restorative Dentistry and Ergonomics.

It is a space in which students studying Oral Hygiene can also carry out simulated practice.

It is a large space organized in three classrooms A043, A044 and A045. It also has a separate wet lab, and an X-ray protective room.

Each student has a workstation equipped with:

  • Fantoma Frasaco PK model.
  • Sirona C8 plus workbench.
  • Dental suction.
  • Handpiece.
  • Work lamp.

In the wet lab, students have everything they need to create models at their disposal. They also work with alginates, plasters and polymers such as:

  • Photopolymerisation booths.
  • Vacuum plate former.
  • Vibrating and trimming plaster machines.
  • Pneumatic polymer pots.
  • Orthodontic plate polishers.
  • Water decanters.
  • Compressed air guns.

Spaces for X-rays equipped with:

  • X-ray equipment.
  • Manual developing cameras.
  • Negatoscopes.

We also have other tools that are necessary for our students’ learning experience:

  • Manual photopolymerisation lamps.
  • Amalgam vibrating machines.
  • Parallelisers.

The laboratory is also equipped with a screen and projection devices.

Laboratorio de simuladores Odontología preclínica Universidad Europea de Madrid

Simulator Laboratory Preclinical Dentistry