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Laboratorio de tecnología de los alimentos

Veterinary Food Technology Lab

The food technology complex is the perfect link between the University and the food industry.

For experiential learning within the food branch of Veterinary Medicine, the UEM offers the food technology complex, which realistically reproduces the most remarkable processes of the food industry. All the equipment has been custom designed in stainless steel to guarantee the most hygienic handling of food, a subject to be studied by our future veterinarians.

The pilot food technology complex is the perfect link between the University and the food industry. It is designed to be a space for learning activities and support for the development of veterinary skills in 3 main areas:

Food extraction

This area is equipped for the teaching of general chemistry concepts, as well as the basic techniques of chemical and instrumental analysis required in the veterinary degree. This laboratory has all the required safety measures, and all waste is handled in accordance with current legislation. This space allows for the development of projects related to the design and synthesis of medicine, nanotechnology, and the chemical analysis of food.

Food processing and technology

This space is designed for activities in the areas of cooking and food preservation. In this case, for veterinary medicine, these areas would be the preservation and production of milk and other dairy products, and the production of by-products from the meat industry (sausages), fish (salted and pickled) and fruits and vegetables.

Hygiene and food safety

This work area allows for a complete and detailed evaluation of the most suitable conditions for the maintenance of food safety through the analysis of risks and pain points.

Both the Food Technology Lab and the rest of Universidad Europea’s facilities are available to lecturers and students in the areas of Veterinary Medicine throughout the various training periods, both undergraduate and postgraduate. More specifically, these facilities provide support to students completing activities in classes directly related to Food Technology and Food Hygiene and Safety, as well as the Food Hygiene and Technology rotation for those students in the Professional Rotary class.

These facilities are divided into two spaces, and are equipped with a wide range of resources, including:

  • A refrigerated display cabinet
  • A freezer cabinet
  • Two cleaning cabinets
  • A storage cupboard
  • A microwave food dehydrator
  • Seven wall-mounted work tables or worktops with storage doors at the bottom (2400x700x850mm)
  • Two central work desks (4800 x700x850mm) with space for two induction cookers and lower oven + unit of three drawers and two lower shelves each
  • A stainless steel blender (6300rpm)
  • A three-phase motor group for mince meat
  • A slicer
  • Four industrial taps
  • Two single-head mixer + pedal taps
  • A Silanos MOD-700 dishwasher
  • A SmartVide6 portable sous-vide cooker
  • Four built-in induction hobs
  • Four pyrolytic built-in electric ovens
  • Two maxi-5 series fryers
  • Dense double grill racks
  • An ice maker
  • Two wall-mounted smoke extraction hoods (2100x800x600mm), two smoke extraction motors, a filter collector and ductwork
  • A Thermomix
  • A vacuum sealer
  • A mixer-blender
  • A cutter-emulsifier
  • A three-shelf serving cart
  • Wall shelving.