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Laboratorio de Ciencias Básicas Universidad Europea de Valencia

Basic Sciences Laboratory

The Universidad Europea de Valencia (UEV) has a Basic Sciences Laboratory, where students carry out practical projects, analysis and valuation projects.

Basic Sciences Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped for the observation of histological and cellular preparations under the microscope. Plant/animal osmosis processes are studied, blood groups are determined and simple staining is performed.

The laboratory has the necessary equipment to carry out biochemistry activities (pH assessment, solubility, determination of protein concentration, identification of carbohydrates, analysis of the structure-function relationship of enzymes. etc.).

Molecular genetics techniques (genomic DNA isolation, PCR amplification, plasma DNA extraction, enzymatic digestion and separation of DNA fragments by agarose gel electrophoresis) can also be performed.

This laboratory is for students in the core subjects of the various Health degrees: Bachelor's in Dentistry, Bachelor's in Physiotherapy, Bachelor's in Nursing. Activities are carried out in the facility by students in the following subjects: Cell Biology and Human Genetics, Biochemistry, General Microbiology and Immunology, Semiology and General Physiopathology I and II, Physiology of the Stomatognathic System, Cell and Tissue Biology, Physiology.

General laboratory equipment includes:

  • Emergency eyewash stations and showers, fire extinguishers and chemical-specific storage cabinets to ensure appropriate safety in the facility.
  • Furnishings appropriate for conducting practical training experiments, with several benches and storage compartments.
  • Equipped with HyFlex Technology audio and video equipment and screens and extended classroom to share certain activities with remote teams.
  • This laboratory is equipped with, among other equipment, the following elements: laminar flow cabinet, vacuum chamber, fume hood (4), distiller, optical microscopes, Ph-meter, vortex agitator-heater, Eppendorf agitator, freezer, refrigerator, sonicator, water baths, precision balances, colorimeter, centrifuge, microwave, thermocycler, automatic pipettes, vertical and horizontal electrophoresis, microtome, paraffin dispenser, fluorescence microscope, laboratory oven, ELISA plate reader, histological and biological preparations.