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Physiotherapy Room

Room equipped for the practice and development of Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Room

Room equipped for the practice and development of Physiotherapy. It has 10 tables per classroom and all the necessary equipment for the application and simulation of various therapies and physiotherapeutic procedures.

This room is designed so that students can simulate ‘real’ therapy throughout their university learning, and therefore develop the skills associated with this practice. In addition, this space promotes students’ integration of knowledge and skills, while under the continuous supervision of highly qualified professionals.

These facilities are specifically designed for students of the Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy and specialised Master’s degrees. Some subjects studied in this area are:

  • Basic Physical Therapy
  • Basic Manual Therapy
  • Special Physiotherapy Techniques 1
  • Special Physiotherapy Techniques 2
  • Osteopathic Physiotherapy 1
  • Osteopathic Physiotherapy 2
  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy in Medical and Surgical Procedures
  • Physiotherapy: Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Obstetric and Urogynaecological Physiotherapy
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapy 1
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapy 2
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapy 3
  • Sports Physiotherapy 1
  • Sports Physiotherapy 2
  • Sports Physiotherapy 3

The Physiotherapy Table Room has:

  • 10 tables per classroom
  • Specific equipment for the administration of various therapies: models, skeletons, goniometers, functional bandages, kinesiology tape, cardiorespiratory equipment, electromyography, ultrasound, creams, proprioception equipment, electrotherapy devices, etc.