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Hospital Veterinario Simulado

Simulated Veterinary Hospital

A centre for clinical training, research and innovation in teaching.

Experiential learning is the foundation of Universidad Europea’s academic model and is based on one of its main pillars: the simulated environment. The Simulated Hospital plays a fundamental role, as its facilities enable us to experience real-life setting in a safe and controlled way.

The space contains all the necessary elements to recreate the realistic atmosphere of a health centre, with the most advanced infrastructure technology and an audiovisual format coming together in an academic environment that is accessible to both professors and students. It is a centre for clinical training, research and innovation in teaching.

The “patients” treated are actors simulating different levels of complexity with distinct medical records (anamnesis).

The Simulated Hospital’s facilities allow health professionals to undergo clinical training using a simulation methodology led by accredited instructors. At the essence of this tool is training in a safe, controlled and reproducible space. The evidence from clinical simulation shows that students not only consolidate the knowledge they acquire in the classroom, but also receive the practical experience they need. This increases their self-confidence when taking on professional clinical practice, training health professionals who are better prepared to assure patient safety.

This preclinical training shall under no circumstances replace hospital training at the UEM Veterinary Clinical Hospital but will instead act as a support and enable students to take maximum advantage of their time at UEM.

Clinical training and research carried out at the simulated hospital is led by members of all health sciences degrees, enabling multiprofessional activities. Working with simulation models enables students to acquire a wide variety of skills, from the most basic—such as sampling, access to tracts, intubations, and stitches—to the practice of assisting births with different dystocia and basic surgeries in models prepared for this purpose in the main species of veterinary interest, as well as the necessary communication strategies in a top-tier clinical practice. The specific subjects supported by the veterinary simulation centre are all those in the clinical branch, for all the species studied in the degree.

At the Simulated Hospital, we use simulators with differing levels of complexity to carry out both practical skill training and complex scenario management. In addition, students can perform training with virtual clinical reasoning simulators, haptic technology systems and clinical simulation in a digital environment with the most innovative technology that facilitates an immersive and realistic setting, with spaces for pet exploration and an audio-video system with simultaneous projection for observational and practical activities.