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Chemistry Lab

Students of various degrees will be able to consolidate the knowledge acquired in their theoretical classes.

Chemistry Lab

In this laboratory, students carry out activities related to degrees such as Industrial and Automated Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Organisation Engineering, Energy Engineering, Industrial Technologies Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering for Aircrafts, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology. Students also carry out activities associated with the Formula UEM Club and the Air Division Club.

The following activities are carried out:

  • Acid-base balance tests.
  • Redox reactions Study of batteries and electrolysis.
  • Organic experiments: polymer synthesis.
  • Assessments.
  • Synthesis of organic compounds.
  • Chemical analyses.
  • Thermodynamic experiments Kinetic study of reactions.

These activities are carried out by students in various degree programmes with the aim of consolidating the knowledge acquired in their theoretical classes. Students learn to work with new material and check their work themselves.

The lab is also available for the synthesis of materials that students work on in the integrated Chemistry for Engineering and Materials Science project: ‘For a more sustainable world’.

Students look to synthesise the materials chosen for the integrated project in the laboratory. They then carry out the characterisation of these materials.

The related subjects are those in the field of Chemistry and all its derivatives, which are taught in various degree programmes according to their characteristics. This includes subjects such as Materials Science and Thermodynamics.

The characterisation of materials allows students to conduct synthesis experiments in the lab that can be used for their End-of-Degree Projects (Bachelor’s and Master’s).

The laboratory has fume extraction hoods, rotary evaporators, membrane pumps, vacuum pump, magnetic heating stirrers, precision balances, scales, pH meters, conductivity meter, electric blankets, thermostatic bath, viscometer.