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Plató virtual

Virtual set

On the virtual set, students learn to embed a 3D-generated scene, and they can use it to create programs in virtual spaces or to simulate outdoor connections. Students can also use the set to film themselves and move through spaces of these characteristics in which the only thing around them are green walls.

It is normally used together with direction and production control and a traditional set as an additional video source in a different location for subjects such as TV Production, Voice Over and Dubbing, Newscast and Live TV Production, Televised Event Broadcasting or Radio and TV Production and Presentation.

It has an ample green screen set with a lighting grid for the background and subject that makes it possible to embed a computer-generated background live with the software in the control room. In this room, a single person can control the video feed from a remote camera, the microphone, and other video and audio sources on the hard drive or from external sources, titles or graphics and the recording or broadcast of the streaming signal.

The set’s HD camera has a teleprompter for reading texts, with a reading speed remote control used by the presenter.