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Electricity and Energy Laboratory

In this laboratory, hands-on activities such as direct and indirect current, voltage and power measurement are carried out.

Electricity and Energy Laboratory

In this laboratory, the hands-on activities of the Bachelor's Degrees in Industrial Systems Engineering and Telecommunications Systems Engineering are carried out, as well as activities associated with the Robotics and Motor clubs: such measuring direct and indirect current, voltage and power.

The facilities in the energy and electricity zone allow for the following practical exercises:

  • Analysis of direct current (DC) networks.
  • Analysis of single-phase and three-phase alternating current networks.
  • Analysis of transformer, motor and generator networks
  • Analysis of transport networks.
  • Energy technology:
    • Photovoltaic Technologies: SO4204-3A.
    • Fuel Cell Technologies: SO4204-3C.

The subjects in which this training is applied are all those related to electricity and energy. "Circuit Theory and Electrical Machines" and "Power Electronics" are examples.

The materials available in this area of the laboratory are:

  • Single-phase and three-phase transformers.
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous motors and generators.
  • Speed and power control equipment.
  • Measurement equipment for continuous and alternating variables.

Available software:

  • UniTrain-I and its applications in direct current, alternating current and three-phase systems for the subject of circuit theory and electrical machines.
  • FluidSIM Hydraulics and applications.
  • LN SO601614 for digital control unit and transport networks.