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Becas Santander Iberoamérica

Santander Ibero-America Scholarships

The Santander Ibero-America Scholarships aim to enhance student mobility and exchanges between Ibero-American universities.


Aimed at students who are enrolled at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and have already arranged to travel to one of the Ibero-American universities listed in the terms of the scholarship during the 2020/2021 academic year.


Face to face


Madrid - Valencia - Canarias


Degree Programmes - Double Degree

Student profiles



Deadline to consult


18000 euros repartidos en 6 becas de 3.000€



Distributed in six scholarships of €3,000 each



Application deadline


  • Registration closes on 16th March 2020.
  • Applications shall be reviewed from 17th March 2020 to 16th April 2020.
  • Results shall be announced on 16th April 2020.

How to apply for the scholarship/financial aid

Students can apply for the scholarship by accessing the Santander scholarship tool on the website:

More information

What is the Santander Ibero-America Scholarship?

  • Registration
    • Students can register by following the appropriate link on the website:
  • Award criteria
    • Students should be a beneficiary of the Garcilaso mobility programme in 2020/2021 and undergoing an exchange at one of the universities affiliated with the Santander Ibero-America Scholarship programme.
    • Students should have registered on the website ( ) and a notification stating the financial aid is to be awarded should be communicated via the institution’s financial aid management system.
    • Students should be studying an undergraduate degree and must have passed at least half of all credits or the first two academic years of their studies (including first-term qualifications from the 2019/2020 academic year).
    • Students must have a good academic record.
    • Scholarships are awarded based on the student’s average mark including their first term in 2019/2020. This average mark shall not take into account recognised subjects (convalidaciones).
  • Scholarships shall be prioritised to:
    • Students who have received a socioeconomic grant from the Ministry during the same year they apply for the scholarship.
    • Where students can legally prove they have a disability which limits their day-to-day activities by 33% or more.