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Los 10 de CAFYD

The CAFYD 10

If you know that sport is your thing and you want to dedicate your professional life to it, you have the opportunity to obtain one of the 10 scholarships available to study one of our Physical Activity and Sport Science courses.


Aimed at students who want to dedicate themselves to the world of sport by studying one of the Physical Activity and Sport Sciences degrees at the European University of Madrid.






Degree Programmes - Double Degree

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Ayuda al estudio del 50% o del 30% sobre el importe en concepto de docencia


% financial assistance

A grant of up to 50% on tuition fees throughout the course of study.



Prove that you are one of the CAFYD 10


Personalised follow-up

Personalised follow-up

What is Los 10 de CAFYD?

At the European University we are committed to fostering talent. In this, our 5th edition of The Cafyd 10, we wish to accompany you on your path to building your future and achieving your dreams for a successful professional career.

This is a study grant of 50% or 30% of the tuition fees, which shall be provided to the student throughout his or her studies.

These grants shall apply to the following degrees:

  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
  • Double Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy
  • Double Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Primary Education
  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences + Professional Football Coach Course (RFFM).
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

In order to obtain these grants you must pass the high level virtual sports Bootcamp which shall take place from 26th to 29th July 2021.

For four days, the selected candidates will live virtually with professional sportspeople, such as the ambassador of this years’ edition Joan Capdevila in addition to teachers and researchers from the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. 

If you are one of "The CAFYD 10" at the European University of Madrid you can also benefit from

  • Networking: Carrying out team projects for companies invited to the programme and led by alumni.
  • Training: Competence development through specific workshops, courses and individual sessions with your mentor.
  • Research: Participation in the research projects at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences Centre of Excellence, which shall be determined by the Faculty staff.

The 10 winners of the Bootcamp are eligible for the grant as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • MOTIVATION: We want motivated people who know how to express why they want to participate in our high-performance programme and get the most out of it, as well as being highly motivated to study the double degree offered by the programme and being willing to compete.
  • AMBITION: We are looking for students capable of facing new challenges in order to improve and advance.
  • SPORTS CURRICULUM: We like people who do things differently and seek out new ways to achieve what they set out to do.
  • Have obtained a grade equal to or higher than 7 in their university entrance qualification (Bachillerato + CFGS).

Legal Terms and Conditions

For more information, consult the Legal Terms and Conditions

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Deadlines for getting a CAFYD 10 scholarship

The selection process of the candidates consists of:

  • Pre-registration to participate in the Bootcamp "The CAFYD 10" through the electronic form atWWW.LOS10DECAFYD.ES > until July 11th.
  • Publication of the 100 candidates:  The internal jury shall select the candidates, whose list shall be published > on July 19th, 2021 on WWW.LOS10DECAFYD.EN
  • Virtual Bootcamp > from 26th to 29th July
  • Scholarship award ceremony > 29th July
How to apply for Los 10 de CAFYD

Applications shall be accepted exclusively through the electronic form at where you can attach the documents listed below:

  • Academic record: copy of the grades of your 1st year of Bachillerato and/or university entrance exams (EvAU) 2020.
  • Cover letter, in which the candidate explains, in as much detail as possible, why he or she should be the one chosen. In addition, letters of recommendation from teachers or coaches shall be welcomed.
  • Sports curriculum, clearly detailing the sports in which you have excelled most as well as your competition record (if any)
  • Motivational video (10 MB and 1 minute long)
  • For those under 18 Parent/Guardian authorization (according to the final document of the legal terms and conditions).
  • Fill in the form available at WWW.LOS10DECAFYD.ES

In the event that the website presents a technical problem, applications can be sent by e-mail to

More information about Los 10 de CAFYD scholarships

For more information go to

In addition, you can consult the Legal Terms and Conditions