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Becas UE, alumnos con buen expediente académico

UE Scholarships, students with a good academic record

The Universidad Europea offers a scholarship of €3,000 to students with a good academic record.


Aimed at students entering the University for the first time to pursue undergraduate studies following their High School Diploma (Bachillerato) or Advanced Vocational Training (CFGS), and students already enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree at this University, who entered after completing their High School Diploma or Advanced Vocational Training.


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3.000€ para alumnos de nuevo ingreso con buen expediente académico



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How this financial aid works

All students who are included in the following cases may apply for Universidad Europea scholarships:

  • First-time scholarship applicants:
  • - Students who wish to enrol in the Universidad Europea for the first time.
  • - Students who are already studying at the Universidad Europea.

The academic requirements to apply for a scholarship are as follows:

  • New students in possession of a High School Diploma must have an average high school grade of at least 7. For students accessing the scholarship following Higher Advanced Vocational Training, the average grade must be at least 8.
  • Students who are already studying at the University and applying for a scholarship for the first time must have passed all the subjects studied in the previous academic year, either during the first or second examination period and must have achieved at least the following average grades:
  • - Undergraduate studies in the field of Engineering and Architecture and dual degrees: 7 points.
  • - Other fields of study: 7.5 points.

The total family income may not exceed €100,000 per year.


The application period for new students is from March 16th to July 16th.

For students who are already studying an undergraduate course at the Universidad Europea, the application period is from June 15th to July 16th.

How to apply for this scholarship/aid

New students should send their application by email to:

Universidad Europea de Madrid:
Universidad Europea de Canarias:
Universidad Europea de Valencia:

Students already enrolled must submit the application through the Online General Enquiries.

The application must be accompanied by all relevant documentation.

  • Scholarship application duly completed
  • Income declaration for all family members
  • New students must also include their academic certificate for the High School Diploma or Advanced Vocational Training.

Link to the PDF for the UEM scholarship application

pdf, 228 KB Download

Link to the PDF for the UEV scholarship application

pdf, 559 KB Download