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Discover our wide offer of technical and vocational programmes, undergraduate degrees and postgraduates at our Valencia and Alicante campuses.

Leaders in employability

90% of our students find a job within 12 months of completing their studies.

International Students

47% of our students are international; take advantage of the opportunity to live with classmates of more than 60 different nationalities.


You will test yourself on campus with challenges, projects or gamification and you will do internships to prepare yourself as a global professional.

Jornada de puertas abiertas | Universidad Europea

Open Days

Join us at one of our Open Days and see for yourself how our advanced Hyflex educational methodology works, meet the faculty members who are already thinking of your future, get more information on our programmes, and find out how to begin your studies.

High-end facilities

BIblioteca José Planas - Universidad Europea de Valencia

Campus of Valencia

José Planas Library

The library at Universidad Europea de Valencia is a resource centre for learning, teaching, research, innovation and activities related to the operation and management of the University as a whole.

Clínica Universitaria Odontológica Unviersidad Europea de Valencia

Campus of Valencia

University Dental Clinic

Students learn alongside the professionals through practice, while carrying out important social work.

Cabina de traducción Universidad Europea de Valencia

Campus of Valencia

Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

Our students learn through practice using the same tools they will find in the professional world.

Sala de Camillas de la Universidad Europea de Valencia

Campus of Valencia

Physiotherapy Room

Room equipped for the practice and development of Physiotherapy.

Smart Lab Universidad Europea de Valencia

Campus of Valencia

Smart Lab

The digital simulation room is specially equipped for the use of simulators based on the latest generation technology pioneered in Spain.

Laboratorio Criminalística Universidad Europea de Valencia

Campus of Valencia

Criminalistics Workshop

Room equipped for simulating and solving crime scenes through scientific application of police techniques.

Laboratorio-Taller de Simulación Odontológica Universidad Europea de Valencia

Campus of Valencia

Dental Simulation Laboratory-Workshop

Students are trained in the ergonomic positions that they will later put to use in the clinic with the patients.


Valencia Campus
Campus urbano Valencia

Urban Campus

  1. Building C: Carrer del General Elio, 2
  2. Building B: Carrer del General Elio, 8
  3. Building A: Passeig de l´Albereda, 7, (Biblioteca y oficinas)
  4. Building I: Carrer del Músic Peydró, 36
  5. Dental Clinic: Carrer d´Alfambra, 4 semiesquina, Carrer del Guadalaviar
  6. Dental Clinic II: C/ Palleter 19-21. 46008 Valencia
  7. Building H: Passeig de la Petxina, 2
Alicante Campus
Campus Alicante | Universidad Europea

Where to find us

C. Deportistas Hermanos Torres, 17, 03016 Alicante

Rosa Sanchidrián

Rector of Universidad Europea de Valencia

The challenge of leading Universidad Europea de Valencia is one that I took on from the outset with great enthusiasm and determination. After more than 24 years developing my professional career at Universidad Europea—growing as a professor and education manager, participating in research and innovation projects, and directing the Postgraduate School—I am extremely proud to be part of this important project.

Universidad Europea de Valencia is an inclusive and global institution that is open to the world, the city of Valencia and all its private and public agents. We are a multi-faceted, diverse university that is committed to digital transformation and innovation from a spirit of continuous improvement. A university that is aware of the requirements of a constantly changing world and one that demands the best version of ourselves as people and as professionals.

That’s why our daily commitment lies in offering our students a comprehensive and differential education through an academic model that focuses on four major dimensions: intellectual, professional, international and socioethical.  This model is aimed at ensuring our students are successful professionals who become the leaders of tomorrow, applying all of the knowledge, skills, values and pride they acquired studying here.

Technology and digitalisation are present in all professions. In order to lead this change, we are working every day as professors and mentors with an experiential learning model where the student is at the centre of the vital university experience. In addition, students beginning and completing their university studies—whether pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree—are challenged to learn via different paradigms that allow them to evolve, reinforce their resilience, and enjoy the influence and values that will distinguish them in any professional trajectory. This transformation is only possible in an interdisciplinary and international environment. At our urban campus, 46% of our students come from all over the world.

To this end, we count on our entire academic community and our partners who work every day to ensure that our institution continues to grow, while accompanying our students throughout the formative stages of their education to encourage them to be better individuals and citizens—free spirits who are environmentally responsible—and, of course, to always be willing to learn.

We are highly prepared to provide an innovative response to today’s demands, with multidisciplinary teams that are one hundred percent connected to the professional world. We are a key project within the Valencian Community, with a future full of opportunities in research, teaching and management that we will lead with both enthusiasm and responsibility in order to contribute to improve our society. Without a doubt, our University is defined by our mutual commitment and team efforts. This truly makes our institution an innovative, avant-garde and unique project.

Thank you all.