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The most important initiatives in just one 'click'

27 mar 2023

Don´t miss out on the summary of the most important activities that have been developed at Universidad Europea in the last few days. Initiatives of all kinds and different areas which make Universidad Europea a unique institution.


We're kicking off the week after the long weekend with the new bookmarks that the guys from Reading Club at Villaviciosa campus handed out for Poetry Day, visiting Aula 2023 and taking a (digital) look at the second edition of the Magazine UEV FP Magazine, which is based at Universidad Europea´s urban campus in Valencia, where the emphasis is on the implementation of the academic model that gives the students a true experiential learning experience.

Have we read anything interesting? Loads. For example, we read that students have been able to participate in international competitions, such as that led by the outdoor advertising company, JCDecaux, in which the students had to propose a marketing campaign for UNICEF, raising awareness of the impact of climate change on poverty, which has brought them closer to professional environments, but has also made them agents of change. “We also want this publication to be a tool, to highlight the effort of businesses that continue to offer the best internship experiences to our students, often becoming the best boost for their employability”, says Pilar Mena, Professional Centre Coordinator at the Universidad Europea de Valencia.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-24 at 11.01.06.jpeg

Back in Madrid, we cast our minds back to an initiative that allowed for a meeting with real professionals and researchers. For example, the students of the Master's Programme in Civil Engineering at Universidad Europea received a masterclass from the president of ADIF in their class on planning, management and operation of infrastructures. Marisa Domínguez González, civil engineer, gave a talk to the students on ´The station: Access to the railway, a landmark in the city´.

Trains are useful, that is obvious, but what about bacteria and fungi? The students at the Universidad Europea de Valencia that attended last week´s talk on Industrial Microbiology may say they are, in fact, almost just as useful as trains, due to their industrial applications in food production, the pharmaceutical industry, bioremediation, bio-combustible production and the energy industry, among others.

As far as we can tell, from the events at the Valencia campus in these last days, as well as Fallas, there has been a lot to talk about. The professors at the Department of Dental Prosthesis, Ana Candel, Begoña Oteiza and Natalia Herrero, together with other universities in Spain and Portugal, attended the 34th Iberian Conference for University Professors of Prosthodontics, that, like every year, was organised by the Universidad de Valencia. The aim of the event is to deal specifically with the implementation of Implantology and the digital workflow in Undergraduate Prosthodontics teaching.

charla microbiologia industrial marzo..jpg

By the way, did you know that the University´s relevance goes further than the walls that surround the campus? There are already various local councils that put forward real challenges to us for our students to develop their skills and put what they have learnt in class into practice. For example, the first year students of Sports Management will have two months to create, present and defend a new and innovating proposal for public sport services to the council of Rivas-Vaciamadrid.

This learning activity puts the Universidad Europea´s Academic Model into practice, a model centred around experiential learning, and that, in this case, develops professional environments, which allows the student to experience their future profession first-hand. This challenge joins the one that the council of Alcobendas set to our students to establish Alcobendas as a local attraction for digital nomads, highlighting the importance of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

More than 60 students (both national and international) have participated in this challenge where they have presented their solutions to the challenge of the public institution. By the way, BMW Spain has launched several challenges for students at Universidad Europea to find innovative solutions in real company cases and thus facilitate their integration into the world of work.

Reto Alcobendas a alumnos de la UE.jpg

We finish our weekly walk through the campus—still with a hangover from the Digital Business Week 2023 and the Cátedra Asisa with their significant support for research—with two new members of the Universidad Europea campus. They are two robot dogs that the undergraduate students of Electronic and Automation Engineering + Robotics and Computer Engineering at Valencia and Madrid will learn to program in their classes on mobile robotics. These four-legged robots have 3 motors in each paw and a camara that allows us to see what they see. They are used for rescue work or as social robots that act as companion “animals” for people to interact with. If you see them around, you know, despite their cold appearance, give them some cuddles.