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International Private Master’s Degree in Sports Law, LLM Madrid

Become an expert in sports law, regulations and dispute resolution, with a unique teaching staff composed of experts working for the most relevant stakeholders in the field of sports law.

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Master in Sports Law Highlights

The Master in Sports Law, LLM is designed for law graduates from all around the world who want to develop their professional careers in the field of international sports law. The 9-month programme covers a range of subjects such as anti-doping, dispute resolution, and taxation, allowing students to develop a broad set of skills and be able to adapt and thrive in different work environments.

As part of the sports law masters, you will have the chance to carry out internships and work placements at some of the biggest sports law firms such as Sportia Law, Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo Abogados, Bicchara & Motta Advogados, Above Sport Associates and Laffer.

Alcobendas 60 ECTS
Start: 21 oct. 2024 Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid
9 months School of Sports Sciences
Private degree Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea

Why studying this Masters Degree in Sports Law?

Take advantage of the opportunity to study a distinct international programme that enables you to succeed as a sports lawyer in international federations, law firms, sports clubs, professional leagues, anti-doping organisations and sports representation agencies.

The academic study plan of this programme has been developed by a committee of expects, including leading professionals, Universidad Europea professors and Real Madrid F.C. professionals.

You'll have the chance to complete internships in the legal department at Real Madrid F.C. (the club offers a limited number of placements) or in international law firms, institutions and international federations. Among these are: Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo, Laffer, Sportia Law, and the International Triathlon Union.

All of our lecturers and professors are involved in international sports law activities, working for leading law firms in the sports and entertainment world or first tier sports entities such as Real Madrid F.C., FIFA, UEFA and more.

Enjoy exclusive experiences with Real Madrid C. F., as the exclusive masterclasses or academic events as the International Sports Lawyers meeting at Real Madrid City, the White Week, professional visits to the main sports institutions in Spain and abroad, live sporting events and exclusive networking 'events'.

The program offers you a unique and exclusive direct contact with the professional world in the sports law field, the several top leading professionals as teachers, the real projects in class, the moot-court simulations, the professional visits and all the experiences will allow you to develop a unique international professional network that results in a high level of employability.

The school’s academic quality is certified by its 16-year history and 13,000 graduates, most of whom are now successful international professionals in the sports industry.

During this program you will have the chance to live real experiences about a real trial at the Court of Arbitration in Sports (CAS or TAS, as per French: Tribunal d’Arbitrage du Sport), the biggest international regulation organism in international sports. The judges and professionals of CAS travel to Madrid to participate in these unique courses together with professional from international sport organizations.

During the programme you’ll have the chance to share the campus with students from more than 75 nationalities as 78% of the school’s Students come from other countries our of Spain which Will enrich your experience and learning.

Exclusive event for the school’ students, one week of unique conferences and experiences at the Real Madrid C.F. facilities featuring the leading professionals from the sports industry, professional athletes and Real Madrid C.F. executives.

International experiences

The international vocation of the school allows it to offer the student a unique and exclusive offer of international field trip that will allow you to discover the most renowned sport entities and facilities worldwide, during these experiences you’ll have the chance to learn hand to hand with their professionals the most succesfull strategies and models in the sports industry.


Sports Law professionals

Make part of an exclusive and unique teaching staff, key in your professional future.



will experience moot court proceedings



who are involved in sports law projects or activities in their daily lives


Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

Campus of Alcobendas

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, a Football History Monument

Ciudad deportiva Real Madrid

Campus of Alcobendas

Real Madrid City

The best Training Ground in the world

International nature

Discover the experiences of other international students

The school has more than 70% of international students coming from over 50 different countries worldwide.

UE Real Madrid
ComillasThe International Sports Law Master’s by Universidad Europea Real Madrid is the perfect first step in your career as a professional in the world of sports. Whether you wish to pursue governance at a federation, legal work in a law firm or at a sports club, or to become an agent, this course covers it all. The programme is structured as a series of modules starting from the foundations of the sports ecosystem all the way to the intricate details of contractual stability in football law. What makes the course stand out from its competitors is not only the holistic covering of relevant academic material but also the unique star-studded line-up of lecturers who deliver it. By engaging with leading specialists in every class, the student is immersed in the professional world of sports, and how better can you learn about landmark cases than by hearing about them from the lawyers that actually argued them in court? At the end of the modules, the students form teams to take part in a moot court. Personally, I found this to be the most exciting aspect of the Master’s; the culmination of all your learning put on show in a court room is a fitting climax to the experience and makes you realise just how much you’ve learnt during the year. All in all, I absolutely recommend that you choose this Master’s.

Boton Pinter

Lawyer at Sportia Law

Alumni Master in Sports Law 20-21 Edition

ComillasThe International Sports Law Master’s by Real Madrid Graduate School at Universidad Europea is the best program for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the sports world. The lecturers are among the best professionals in the world of sports representing a big variety of sports like football, F1, basketball, triathlon, horse ridding and many more. In my opinion what makes the program special are definitely the moot courts that are organised every year. It was one of the best academic experiences I ever had as we pled in front of some of the best and most important CAS arbitrators and sports lawyers. Furthermore, this program gave me the opportunity to do an eleven month internship at Real Madrid FC’s Legal department. I had the chance to draft some of the club’s main sponsorship and license agreements and also see from the inside how the biggest football club in the world works. Last but not least, the dedication of Alberto Ruiz de Aguiar Diaz- Obregon, the director of the Masters surely makes this program special. I absolutely recommend this Masters to anyone who wants to work in the sports world.

Elektra Tounta

Regulatory Compliance Legal Counsel at FIFA

Alumni Master in Sports Law 20-21 Edition

Study Plan



Module I - Organizations of the sports


Module II - Lex Sportiva. Keys of sports law


Module III - Good governance and antidopping


Module IV - Understanding the sports industry


Module V - Football Law I


Module VI - Football Law II


Module VII - Sport arbitration & alternative dispute resolution


Module VIII - The future of sports - Legal tech


Module IX - Curricular Internships


Module X - Moot Court - Master Thesis



The International Master in Sports Law, LLM at Universidad Europea – Real Madrid Graduate School is aimed at students looking to boost their legal career in the sports sector.

Developed by a committee of experienced legal experts, the programme allows students to slowly immerse themselves in the sports world before moving towards a detailed study surrounding sports law.

All of our lecturers and professors are involved in international sports law activities, offering our students a true vision of professional practice as international lawyers, sport arbitrators, football club managers and leaders.

Students will have the opportunity to learn and practise first-hand how to carry out a procedure before FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber and the subsequent appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Assisted and advised by international lawyers, they will experience such proceedings and have the chance to defend their cases before a panel composed by real arbitrators in a courtroom.

Our hands-on learning methodology allows students to learn in practise-based environment from day one. Candidates study leading cases on sports law, take part in moot courts, and get involved in forums and discussions with fellow students and professors, creating strong professional links along the way.

The programme also offers the chance to visit some of the world’s leading sports organisations and bodies, such as FIFA, UEFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Students will have a chance to complete internships in the legal department at Real Madrid F.C.—the club offers a limited number of placements—or in international law firms, institutions and international federations. Among these are: Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo, Laffer, Sportia Law and the International Triathlon Union.

  • Introducccion
  • Sports industry
  • International organization of sports
  • New trends and current status of sports market
  • Fifa function
  • Relations between federation and leagues
  • European leagues
  • FIBA
  • Beyond european sport
  • Rules and regulations on international sport institutions
  • The court of arbitration for sports
  • National sports law
  • The relationship between different law systems
  • Coexistence of conflict resolutionsystems within sports
  • Labor relations in sport
  • Sports tax law
  • Sport disciplinary processes
  • Compliance and good governance
  • How to develope a compliance program
  • Good governance in an international federation (FEI)
  • Protecting the sport international tennis integrity agency
  • WADA & ITA Organization objetives ITA
  • Analysis world antidopping code
  • Analysis of leading cases
  • Real madrid class good governance and compliance within a club
  • Organization of sport events
  • Sport tourism and running events
  • Sports industry networking
  • Creating an event - open tenis, open golf
  • New sport oportunities - Kosmos
  • Global view of the sports industry, the importance of data
  • How to manage the greatest sports arena
  • European union law
  • Swiss law
  • Agency world
  • FIFA - UEFA disciplinary
  • FIFPRO Visión
  • Professional football contracts
  • Processes to resolve disputes in olympic games
  • Scope and responsibility of the legal departments of a sports association or federation
  • Football law
  • International negotiation
  • Best practice example. International transfer of players. Negotiation.
  • How to be a litigator
  • Alternative dispute resolutión within international federations
  • Alternative dispute resolutión within national federations
  • Working in the sports industry
  • FIFA TMS / TPO - FIFA regulations on the status and transfer of players
  • Womens football - New reality
  • The way to act before the court of arbitration for sports
  • The way to act before the court of arbitration for sports
  • Finantial fair play
  • Big data in sport
  • Intelectual property visión from the club
  • Olocip proyect: the limits of IA in sport & sportian
  • Esports introduction
  • Esports international institutions
  • Esports perspective from a club
  • Blockchain - smart contracts - metaverse - nfts
  • Betting regulation
  • Broadcasting rights




Internships are a key component of your training. Acquiring experience after what you have learnt in your degree is the best way to enter the employment market. There are two types of internships: curricular—which are included in your study plan—and extracurricular—which you can do on a voluntary basis.

This program offers you a direct and constant contact with the professional world of the Sports Law, the professionals coming to the classes, the visits to the main sport institutions or the specialized sports law events will allow you to get in touch with the professional world and get unique professional opportunities. Top tier sport insitutions and the most relevan sports law firms cooperate with the program in developping and offering intership periods to the best academic expedients.

Collaborating entities


Professional opportunities

This programme will offer you unique professionals opportunities, including an exclusive and international network thanks to the presence of more than 50 nationalities in the classroom. The interaction between professionals and students provides incredible professional opportunities.

Additionally, the programme offers students the possibility to complete professional internships in several of the most renowned law firms in the world of sports law. Some students are assigned to work in the legal department of Real Madrid F.C., and others will enjoy internships in other leading sports entities.

With comprehensive training, students will acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to work in international federations, law firms, sports clubs, professional leagues, anti-doping organisations and sports representation agencies, and will succeed in their international sports law careers.


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The International Master in Sports Law, LLM, is an excellent opportunity for graduates with a background in law, seeking a solid specialization in a postgraduate degree with a high potential of employability, and for lawyers wishing to expand their professional horizons.

A good command of English and a degree in law are required. Candidates will have to pass an interview intended to assess their profile and acceptance in the program.

To begin your admission process, the first thing to do is book your appointment online or by calling +34 91 112 88 50.

  • Selectividad card showing eligibility status
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  • Skills and abilities test
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    You’ll find out the result of the admissions test via an admissions letter that you’ll receive by email. If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact our Admissions Department for New Students at escuelauniversitariarealmadrid@universidadeuropea.es .

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You don’t have to carry on doing something you don’t want to. For this reason, we have designed a specific university transfer plan to avoid repeating selected modules. If you want to know your personalised plan, as quickly and easily as possible, send us an email to convalidaciones@universidadeuropea.es along with the following documentation:

  • Personal academic certificate from your original degree.
  • Study plan signed by the Secretariat from the centre of origin.
  • The academic programme from the subjects studied and/or enrolled in during the original degree.
  • Officially translated degree certificate (only in the case of foreign graduates)

If you request recognition for professional experience, you will be required to provide:

  • National Insurance record
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Company certificate (only if it is necessary to provide proof of tasks carried out in the company, or if students have international professional experience and cannot provide a national insurance record).

For any questions, you can contact our advisors by calling +34 91 112 88 50.

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Javier López Farré

Director, Legal Services at Real Madrid C.F.

Gonzalo Jiménez Illana

Socio Derecho Deportivo Martínez Echevarría

  • Miguel García Caba
    Head of Legal Department, Spanish Football Federation.
  • Elena Naranjo
    Lawyer, Head of Legal Department at Real Madrid C.F.
  • José Manuel Maza
    Lawyer, Head of Legal Department at Real Madrid C.F.
  • Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez
    Founder and Partner, Ruiz Huerta y Crespo.
  • Paolo Torchetti
    Lawyer, Ruiz Huerta y Crespo.
  • Juan Crespo Ruiz
    Lawyer, Ruiz Huerta y Crespo.
  • Alfonso León
    Lawyer, Ruiz Huerta y Crespo.
  • Maite Nadal Charco
    Lawyer and Partner, Laffer Abogados.
  • José Lasa Azpeitia
    Lawyer and Partner, Laffer Abogados.
  • Claude Ramoni
    Lawyer and Partner, Libra Law.
  • Marc Cavaliero
    Partner and founder of, Kleiner&Cavaliero
  • Jan Kleiner
    Partner and founder of , Kleiner&Cavaliero Partner Bar&Karrer.
  • Lucas Ferrer
    Partner, Pinto Ruiz del Valle.
  • Jordi López Batet
    Partner, Pinto Ruiz del Valle CAS Arbitrator.
  • Antonio Fernández Arimany
    General Secretary , International Triathlon Union.
  • Francisco Lima
    Senior Legal Counsel, Fédération Equestre Internationale.
  • Benjamin Cohen, Gianluca Siracusano, Cristina Pers
    International Testing Agency.
  • Marcos Motta.
    Founder and partner of Bichara&Motta.
  • Roy Veermer
    Head of Legal Department FIFPro.
  • Antonio de Quesada
    Legal Counsel, Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  • Efraim Barak
    Arbitrator Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  • Petra Pocrnic
    Arbitrator, Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  • Alejandra Salmerón.
    FIA legal department.
  • Alberto Colombo
  • Oriol Abad
    Head of legal department DORNA.
  • Kepa Larumbe
    Partner and head of legal department Sports Law & e-sports BDO.
    CAS Arbitrator.
  • Carlos Schneider, Sarah Solemale and Jacques Blondin.
  • James Carr
    Head of Administration & Projects ASOIF

Academic Quality

Universidad Europea has received recognition from various bodies that supports its academic quality. In particular, it has received the following prestigious awards: the European 500+, the QualiCert and the Madrid Excelente Quality Assurance Seal.

In the international QS Stars accreditation rating, Universidad Europea has obtained a total of four out of five stars. This external accreditation system determines the level of excellence achieved by universities in several areas. Universidad Europea has achieved the highest score of five stars in employability, teaching, facilities and social responsibility.

* These awards have been awarded to the European University of Madrid.


Frequently Asked Questions

Studying a Master’s in Sports Law opens doors to an exciting and varied career in the ever-changing sports industry. As interest and participation across all sport increases year on year, the need for sports lawyers to ensure laws are complied with is ever more necessary.

No matter what area of law you are keen to work in, you will find a career in sports law. If you love contract law, why not lead negotiations between sports organisations and sponsors - a multi million euros industry these days. How about employment law? Then get involved in the world’s biggest transfers. Are you interested in criminal law? Organisations such as WADA or FIFA will always need specialists for anti-doping cases, for example.

Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea offers the best training to specialise in sports law. Our master’s programmee will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed no matter what branch of law you want to go into.

Sports law refers to the area of law that has an impact on the sports industry - both on the playing side and business side. It refers to anything from rules and regulations at the Olympic Games and leading competitions such as La Liga and the World Cup, but also covers issues in amateur sport as well. Sports law covers a wide range of specialisms such as contract law (for sponsorships etc), employment law (relating to a club or federation’s contracts, player contracts), EU law (freedom of movement), criminal law (anti-doping and on-field altercations).

A sports lawyer is a lawyer who specialises within the sports industry - representing professional players and athletes, clubs, businesses, federations and other organisations. The sector is wide ranging and covers all sorts of law, which means working in this field is varied and exciting as no two days are the same.

Typical tasks a sports lawyer does include negotiating a players contracts with clubs and/or sponsors, dealing with federations and organising bodies over any disputes, representing their clients in criminal cases that could arise such as doping offenses.

At Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea, you will have the chance to learn from some of the leading sports lawyers in Spain and across the world, ask them how they have forged their careers in their area of expertise, and decide what path you want to go down once you have finished the masters.