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International Master in Sports Law, LLM Online

Train to be an expert in international sport law. The Master in Sports Law Online will boost your legal career in the international sports sector.

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With the Master in Sports Law Online you will acquire a broad knowledge and become an expert in international sports law, regulations, and dispute resolution.

Outstanding and specialised staff, endorsed by Real Madrid C.F. and composed of international lawyers with an extensive experience in Sports Law.

You will have to enjoy a unique trip to Switzerland, where you'll visit international sports entities, such as FIFA and UEFA, and meet with their executives

You will have the opportunity to attend the White Week, a week of unique presentations given by experts from the sector, elite athletes and executives and athletes from Real Madrid.

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Start: 15 nov. 2022 54 ECTS
Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid 9 months Private degree Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea School of Sports Sciences

International program

You will acquire a broad and structured knowledge of international sports law. The teaching faculty composed of international lawyers with an extensive experience in Sports Law.

The Real Madrid Experience

You will have the opportunity to attend “White Week”, here you can meet directors of the club and executives of the sports industry.

Networking opportunities

Networking with fellow candidates, lecturers and current legal experts with experience in the top international sports law cases and in the top European institutions.

International trip

Enjoy a unique trip to Switzerland where you'll visit international sports entities, such as FIFA and UEFA, and meet with their executives.

Why should you study this master in sports law online?

You will develop your legal career in the sports sector.

Academic programme

  • This 100% online Master in Sports Law comprises 9 modules designed to cover a broad range of topics from general to more in-depth focus areas.

  • Get to know procedures of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and the subsequent appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

  • Study case exercises on sports law and arbitration simulations that encourage debate and the exchange of ideas between professors and students, creating strong professional links along the way.


  • The teaching faculty is composed of international lawyers with an extensive experience in Sports Law.

  • All the lecturers and professors are involved in international sports law activities.

  • You will get a vision of professional practice as sport international lawyers.

Professional development

You will have the possibility to participate in an international trip to Switzerland, where you will have the chance to visit the following sports institutions and participate in sessions with your classmates.

  • FIFA
  • UEFA
  • Federation Equestre International
  • International Triathlon Union
  • The Court of Arbitration for Sport
  • Visits to clubs, institutions, companies, and sports entities.

You will acquire the knowledge to work in international law firms, sports organizations and bodies, international federations, clubs or in international sport institutions.

Specialist courses

Gain new skills and boost your career by studying one of our specialisation and innovation courses once you have completed your master. Choose the area of specialisation that interests you the most, such as: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Transformation or Sports Coaching.

Lead the digitisation of the sports sector and learn from the very best at Real Madrid. Enjoy online training, in which you will have the opportunity to attend live masterclass with industry experts.



Live virtual classes that will be recorded in case you cannot attend or want to see them again.


You will have the support of our expert professors who will facilitate your learning, as well as an accompanying tutor who will guide you and help you achieve your goals.

Experiential learning

Receive comprehensive training based on real-life cases combined with theoretical and practical learning.

Your Universidad Europea experience

Study plan

This 100% online International Master in Sports Law comprises 9 modules, each one has 6 ECTS, to aimed at providing you with the knowledge to act as sport lawyer at international level.

Understand how the sport is structured and organized and who are the main actors within the sports family.

  • Who is who in the Sports Family.
  • The different institutions and members of these institutions which compose the sports family and the game of hierarchical relationship between institutions and members.
  • Relationship between international and national institutions and different models of organization of sports.

The Sport is highly regulated by rules and regulations issued by private and public entities. The module is aimed to explain the complex system of sources and the relationship between public and private rules.

  • Private Nature of rules issued by international private associations (Federations).
  • Applicability and application of private rules.
  • Sports Law makers.
  • Other legal system affecting private rules.

Alternative resolution mechanisms allows the sports family to keep its independence. Learn how these mechanism were created and the different kinds of arbitration bodies within the sports.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms at international and national level.
  • The important role played by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  • Consequences of the coexistence of ordinary Courts with Arbitration bodies.

Learn how an international competition is organized from a legal point of view. Negotiation of contracts involved in the organization of an event. Good Governance and integrity as policies to improve the credibility of the sports.

  • Drafting contracts.
  • Negotiating contracts.
  • ASOIF and its policies to implement good governance.
  • The fight against match fixing.
  • FIFA policies on integrity.

The student will learn how the fight against doping is organized within the sports family. The antidoping rules and regulations and the institutions in charge of the fight against doping.

  • IOC, WADA, ITA, CAS Antidoping division.
  • Word Antidoping Code and the International Standards.
  • CAS Jurisprudence and landmark cases in doping matters.

Clubs, players, athletes and coaches are subjected to taxation. Learn how they are taxed.

  • International Treaties on double taxation.
  • Tax residence and domicile.
  • Taxation of individual athletes and taxation of players integrated into teams.
  • Taxation of transfer of players, by-out clauses.

The module is aimed to explain the important role played by Swiss Law in the sports.

  • Swiss Private International Law.
  • Swiss Law on Associations.
  • Swiss Labour Law.
  • Swiss Code of Obligations.

The module is aimed to study in detail how to conduct arbitrary proceedings before international and national federation and before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

  • Proceedings before FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and Player Status Committee.
  • Proceedings before CAS.
  • Ordinary Proceedings, appeal proceedings.

Being the football the king of the sports, football also generates much litigation. Learning FIFA rules and regulations on statute and transfers of players and jurisprudence in labour disputes at FIFA and CAS.

  • FIFA Regulations on Status and Transfer of players.
  • Relevant decisions of FIFA DRC.
  • CAS jurisprudence on contractual stability.

Title implementation

2020 Academic Year

Academic calendar


Experiential Learning

Our model goes beyond theory and focuses on learning by doing. It does not create professions, but rather professionals with concerns.


  • Complete planning: you will have the entire organisation of your studies at your disposal from the beginning.

  • Live virtual classes, adapted to working hours. They will be recorded in case you cannot attend, or you want to watch them again.

  • Intuitive and dynamic online learning platform, accessible from any device.


  • Teacher with expertise in each subject, related to the professional field. The teacher will deliver the classes, guide you through the course and evaluate your learning experience.

  • Support tutor: this is the person who will accompany you throughout your programme. They will help you organise your time, guide you and help you achieve your goals.

  • Student Services Centre: available 24 hours a day via chat and phone to resolve any technical issues with the platform.

Experiential Learning

All our training activities are aimed at enabling you to acquire knowledge, skills, abilities and professional expertise.


Juan Crespo Ruiz – Huerta

Director of the Master in Sports Law, LLM – Online and International Sports Lawyers.

Javier López Farré

Director, Legal Services at Real Madrid C.F.

  • Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez
    Masters Degree in Sports Law Director. Founder and Partner, Ruiz Huerta y Crespo.
  • Miguel García Caba
    Head of Legal Department, Spanish Football Federation.
  • Elena Naranjo
    Lawyer, Legal Department at Real Madrid C.F.
  • José Manuel Maza
    Lawyer, Legal Department at Real Madrid C.F.
  • Álvaro Gil
    Legal Advisor, Club Atlético de Madrid.
  • Paolo Torchetti
    Lawyer, Ruiz Huerta y Crespo.
  • Enric Ripoll
    Lawyer, Ruiz Huerta y Crespo.
  • Alfonso León
    Lawyer, Ruiz Huerta y Crespo.
  • Rodrigo Arias Grillo
    FIFA Integrity Director.
  • Maite Nadal Charco
    Lawyer and Partner, Laffer Abogados.
  • José Lasa Azpeitia
    Lawyer and Partner, Laffer Abogados.
  • Claude Ramoni
    Lawyer and Partner, Libra Law.
  • Marc Cavaliero
    Partner and founder of , Kleiner&Cavaliero.
  • Jan Kleiner
    Partner and founder of , Kleiner&Cavaliero Partner Bar&Karrer.
  • José Juan Pinto
    Founder and Partner, Pinto Ruiz del Valle. CAS Arbitrator.
  • Lucas Ferrer
    Head of Legal Department, Pinto Ruiz del Valle..
  • Jordi López Batet
    Partner, Pinto Ruiz del Valle CAS Arbitrator.
  • Antonio Fernández Arimany
    General Secretary , International Triathlon Union. ICAS MEMBER.
  • Francisco Lima
    Senior Legal Counsel, Fédération Equestre Internationale.
  • Benjamin Cohen
    Director International Testing Agency.
  • Antonio de Quesada
    Legal Counsel, Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  • Alberto Colombo
  • Oriol Abad
    Head of legal department DORNA.
  • Kepa Larumbe
    Partner and head of legal department Sports Law & e-sports BDO. CAS Arbitrator.
  • James Carr
    Head of Administration & Projects ASOIF.
  • Jacques Blondin
    Head of FIFA TMS.
  • Roy Veermer
    Head of Legal Department FIFPro.


The International Online LLM in Sports Law is intended for professionals, with or without experience in Sports Law, who wish to broaden their knowledge to serve as lawyers at the international level in global law firms, sport organisations and other recognised sporting institutions.

Admission in the International Online LLM in Sports Law requires command of the English language and a law degree.

Admissions Process

The admission process to pursue an online undergraduate or postgraduate certificate at Universidad Europea can be carried out throughout the year, although enrolment on any of our programmes is subject to availability. In order to complete the process, follow these simple steps:

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You will need to send the specific documentation to your personal advisor.

  • Admissions form.
  • Legal document required for accessing the programme.
  • Photocopy of your ID.
  • Curriculum vitae.


Admission exam

Once your documentation has been reviewed, your personal advisor will contact you.

  • Competency assessment test.
  • Personal interview.
  • Language assessment test (if applicable).


Reserving a place

Formalising the reservation of a place through our different methods of payment.

  • Direct debit.
  • Credit card.
  • Online payment.

Admissions applications

Candidates shall not be charged, and their place shall not be guaranteed, until the reservation has been formalised. Get in touch with us!

Quality Guarantee

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  • In the international accreditation rating QS Stars, the Universidad Europea has obtained a total of four stars out of five. This external accreditation system determines the level of excellence achieved by universities in several areas. The Universidad Europea has achieved the maximum score of five stars in Employability, Teaching, Facilities and Social Responsibility.


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