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Diversity and Equal Opportunities

The goal of this Unit is to encourage the inclusion of students with special educational support needs and to promote equal opportunities, driving these students’ skills development, full participation in the university community, and integration into the professional world.

The Attention to Diversity Unit is responsible for evaluating students’ needs and managing and coordinating all actions necessary to ensure equal opportunities for students.

We work in coordination with the Admissions Department, Student Services, the Medical Service, Operations Department, Academic Management, Department Management and faculty in order to offer students the attention that they need during their studies.

To do so, we have the following specific goals:

  • To promote universal accessibility at the University’s different campuses.
  • To provide students with special educational needs with the technical and human resources needed to allow them to make the most of their education.
  • To raise our community’s awareness by organising days and seminars dedicated to special educational needs.
  • To train students and faculty on including students with special educational support needs at the University.
  • To collaborate with support institutions.

Attention to Diversity Unit (ADU) - What is it?

The Attention to Diversity Unit (ADU) at Universidad Europea de Madrid provides the necessary support and advice to enable students with special educational support needs to enjoy their university life and have access to equal opportunities.

The Unit works on a case-by-case basis and alongside faculty, the academic coordinator and the student’s mentor to coordinate the appropriate adjustments.

atención a la diversidad

What do we do?

We provide support to students (known as ACNEAE in Spain) with a range of special educational needs. To do so, we evaluate the adjustments we need to take to ensure equal opportunities for all our students.


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ADU Services Charter

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ADU requirements

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Formación del claustro: Una es la formación en materia de atención a la diversidad y educación inclusiva. Para ello hemos diseñado un programa específico y pionero para los docentes de la Universidad Europea de Madrid, donde cada profesor puede seguir un itinerario propio que cubra sus necesidades formativas. Para adecuarnos a los conocimientos de esta materia hemos creado tres niveles: un nivel principiante, un nivel explorador y un nivel experto, con distintos cursos que cubren las demandas formativas que los docentes podrían presentar.

Sensibilización: si queremos fomentar una educación inclusiva debemos concienciar y acercar el mundo de atención a la diversidad a nuestra comunidad educativa.

Where are we located?

Vice-Rector's Office for Teaching and Research
Universidad Europea de Madrid
Edificio A Zona de Vicerrectorados
c/ Tajo,s/n. 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid.

Hours of operation for students: from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
Contact telephone : 91 211 5353