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José Bonal, Professor of Sports Management, Euro2020 Staff Member

12 jul 2021

One of history’s most exciting and different editions of the soccer’s European Championships has just ended, with great success. Different not only due to the effects of the COVID pandemic, but also because of its innovative multi-site format.

José Bonal, Professor of theBachelor's Degree in Sports Managementat the School of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, was working at one of the sites of Euro2020, held in 2021, specifically in Seville.  

José was working as a Venue Marketing Manager with UEFA/RFEF. He was responsible for implementing the sponsorship and commercial strategies designed by the top European entity for this mega event. Considering the major revenue from television rights, one of the most important jobs of the Marketing Manager was based on branding of the Stadium, where U-televisiva (advertising panels on the edge of the field during sporting events), as well as the signs or public points of sale, among others, had to be perfect. He was also responsible for managing and maximizing another of the event’s key sources of revenue: sponsorship. This latter point is very important for reaching different sectors of the target audience.  

This approach to the profession of teachers themselves enables us “subsequently to incorporate all of that experience and knowledge into our classes and the different training activities to enrich the students' experience,” said José Bonal. This turns the professors into examples of what the students aspire to be and, for example, in the Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management, one of the objectives is to be immersed in global front-line projects in the sports industry, such as the Euro2020, which was won by Italy.