Carlos Alberto Cruz, alumni and physical trainer at the Spain national football team

Carlos Alberto, who has successfully graduate from the Master in Football Coaching and Management, and who is also the physical trainer for the Spanish National Football Team, has answered our quick questionnaire:

1.       What is it that you like the most about the football world?

What I like the most is the competition and the capability of improvement of the teams thanks to the training sessions, regardless of their level.

2.       What are your main responsibilities in the Spain National Football Team?
As physical trainers, we are in charge of monitoring the players during competitions from a physical point of view and we prepare the training routines with the players and the other members of the technical team. Furthermore, together with the medical team, we work on recovery strategies for the players.

3.       What is it that you like the most about being a physical trainer?

I wouldn’t be able to choose just one thing. I like it all.

4.       Which challenges do you have as a professional working with high-performance athletes?
For me it is to have the players at their peak physical condition to give the best of themselves and reach their objectives.

5.       Did you ever picture yourself where you are today? Doing just what you are currently doing?
Yes, I did. You can’t imagine how difficult it was to reach, you have to work hard.

6.       How did the school help with your career?
The acquired knowledge, the great chair of professors, the experiences of my colleagues…

7.       What’s the tip you’ve never forgotten?
Never give up.

8. Which message would you share with the students and professionals of your sector joining this academic year at the school?
To work hard, to listen to all the opinions and the tips that are given to them, and also to keep educating themselves and learning from humility and hard work.

The Master in Football Coaching and Management brings the opportunity to know all key variables to achieve high performance in competition and shows how to organize and manage optimally a football institution (clubs, academies or federations). Students will see how they must work a football coach and their technical staff, and how to organize their relations. #TrainYourDreams

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