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Private Master's Degree in Project Management Madrid

This private master’s degree is designed to equip you with the resources to guide, transform and manage organisations.

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Master in Project Management

The Master in Project Management is a 9-month program in which you will study in depth a variety of management techniques and gain the skills required to manage projects of varying complexity, through a broad study of experiences, tools and methodologies based on different standards such as those of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Agile Alliance.

Additionally, at the end of the programme, students will be able to obtain a variety of certifications such as: PMP® Certification, Prince2®, Certified Scrum Product Owner® by Agile Alliance.

Spanish version of the master's degree: Máster de Formación Permanente en Project Management.

Alcobendas 60 ECTS
Start: 18 oct. 2024 Title issued by Universidad Europea de Madrid
9 months School of Architecture, Engineering and Design - Madrid
Private degree

Why study the Master in Project Management?

Management experience

You will learn the fundamentals of portfolio, programme and project Management, and you will be trained to apply and develop them in any of their applications.


You will have the chance to learn about some of the approaches and best practices in portfolio, programme and project management, and share experiences with clients who have implemented frameworks in these disciplines.


You will learn the design and use of different methodologies, frameworks, applications, tools, etc. in the field of project management.

Industry professional faculty

Our professors are working professionals who manage projects in all sectors on a day-to-day basis, and first-class academics in the field of portfolio, programme and project management.

Challenge based learning

Based on learning by challenge, where students integrate learning in an active way by overcoming challenges.

Boost your career by studying in Spain!

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What make us different?

Throughout ths Private Master Degree in Project Management, you will study in depth a variety of management techniques and the human skills required to manage projects of varying complexity, through a broad study of experiences, tools and methodologies based on different standards such as those of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Agile Alliance.

In this context, the aim of this graduate degree is for a faculty of renowned professionals with a proven track-record in the field of portfolio, programme and project management to train new specialists.

To this effect, following consultation with industry professionals, the basic pillars on which this 'Universidad Europea Modern Project Management' course is based are:

  • Learn to exploit the power of customer intelligence for value proposition generation.
  • Understand the principles of strategic alignment and decision-making in terms of change management to select the initiatives to be developed that generate the most value for clients and the organisation itself.
  • The ability to evolve appropriately between the design of solutions and their subsequent implementation through proper project management.
  • Have the necessary skills to manage the transformation of organisations, both at a business level and at a personal competence level.

Additionally, at the end of the programme, students will be able to obtain a variety of certifications such as: PMP® Certification, Prince2®, Certified Scrum Product Owner® by Agile Alliance.

Study plan

  • Module 1
    Project portfolio management - Strategic project management
  • Module 2
    Agile and Scrum - Innovation in industry project management methodologies
  • Module 3
    Talent and Leadership Project Management - The project manager and human resources and communication management
  • Module 4
    Cost plan management and financial management and project risk
  • Module 5
    Hybrid Project Management
  • Module 6
    Advanced Lean Portfolio Management
  • Module 7
    Agile Project Management
  • Module 8
    Legal framework and quality management
  • Module 9
    Professional Mentoring
  • Module 10
    Final Project

In-company internships are a key part of your training. Gaining experience based on what you have learnt in your degree is the best way to enter the job market.

If you would like to improve your work experience before finishing your university studies, you can do an extracurricular internship. You can do one in any academic year, but we would remind you that internships are a training complement to your studies. Therefore, the more knowledge you’ve already acquired over the course of your programme, the more you’ll benefit from the internship experience.


According to the data, 71% of project managers who have shared about their salary say it has increased in the last year. The demand for this profile is growing steadily around the world, mainly in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Spain. Of course, the salary of these professionals depends to a large extent on their experience in project management.

When students finish the course, they will be able to develop their projects based on a variety of project management methodologies that will be addressed during the academic year. Especifically:

  • Be promoters of change in business models, people management and organisational culture.
  • Improve the competitiveness and productivity of your company/organisation by applying agile methodologies and highly efficient working environments.
  • Global management of projects with a high innovative profile and applicable to a multitude of industries
  • Make the project management and planning process more flexible.
  • Work in complex environments and improve time-to-market.
  • Focus work to achieve greater process efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance project monitoring using different types of metrics.
  • Improve team and project management. Develop teamwork skills.

You will be qualified for the following profiles:

  • Project manager, responsible for designing projects and overseeing their management. In addition, project managers oversee the decisions that are taken on objectives, problem solving, etc.
  • Head of PMO (Project Management Office), responsible for streamlining and standardisation. The head of PMO determines which tools to use and under which methodologies to work when managing projects, prioritising projects, managing resources, analysing finances and managing documentation.
  • Product owner, responsible for ensuring that the team delivers value to the business. They represent internal and external stakeholders, so they are required to understand and support the needs of all users in the business, as well as the needs and operation of the scrum team.


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Experience first-hand what it is like to study at Universidad Europea: our facilities and our experiential learning model.

Aimed at:

  • Middle and senior management who need to gain knowledge of portfolio, programme and project management
  • Professionals trained in flexible methodologies who need to complement their knowledge or experience with specific topics, such as project management or project scaling.
  • Project managers who wish to apply a flexible approach to project management.
  • Heads of innovation departments.
  • Professionals focused on the leadership of change management and digital transformation projects.
  • Students and junior professionals looking for ways to focus and develop their career in project management and leadership.
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Academic quality

As part of its strategy, the University has an internal quality plan whose objective is to promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement, and which allows it to face future challenges with the maximum guarantee of success. In this way, it is committed to promoting the achievement of external recognitions and accreditations, both nationally and internationally; the measurement and analysis of results; simplification in management; and the relationship with the external regulator.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Master's in Project Management is a university programme designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to manage complex projects in a variety of industries. The programme focuses on the principles, practices, and techniques of project management, including project planning, budgeting, risk management, quality management, team management, and stakeholder communication.

The master in Project Management covers a range of topics that will equip you with the skills needed to boost your career, no matter in what industry you work. At Universidad Europea, our programmes are rigorous in their approach, as our aim is to prepare future leaders. Having said that, our academic model is based on experiential learning, so you’ll be working on real cases studies and projects. In addition, you can count on the support of an experienced and expert faculty who will guide you along the way.

A master's degree in project management can provide you with a wide range of skills and knowledge that can help you excel in various industries and professions. Many of those who complete their studies with us go on to enjoy successful careers in a variety of roles, such as:

  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Entrepreneur

Spain is a great option to study project management because the demand for professionals with a profile in this area is in strong demand. If you choose to study at Universidad Europea, you will attend one of the leading private universities in Spain and have access to some of the best facilities on offer in which to study. Additionally, the programme takes place at our campus in Alcobendas, a suburb of Madrid that is home to hundreds of multi-national organisations, meaning that you can make connections and launch your career in one of Europe's most thriving capital cities.