Jesús Sanz, director of the University Dental Clinic, renews his chairmanship of ANDE

The renewed Chairman of the Spanish Association of Nursing Executives (ANDE) has undertaken to use his position to contribute to the professionalization of Spanish Nursing executives.

Director of the Universidad Europea University Dental Clinic and chairman of the Spanish Association of Nursing Executives (ANDE), Jesús Sanz, has unanimously renewed his term at the group’s Extraordinary Assembly, recently held in Burgos.

Sanz’ goal, as expressed to the members of ANDE, is to continue his work to professionalize Spanish Nursing executives. He also announced the publication of a document “that details and certifies the skills required, and thus allows us to demand a minimum number of skills in order to occupy Supervisor or Management positions”. An initiative that, according to Sanz, is related to that of the Spanish Society of Health Executives (Sedisa).

Furthermore, the renewed chairman has undertaken to design additional strategies “that facilitate the incorporation of managing nurses from the public health sector into ANDE”, as this is one of the emerging pillars of the sector.

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