Universidad Europea de Canarias launches the Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy with an innovative learning model

It will make use of the best professionals and ongoing clinical internships at public and private hospitals during the second year.

Starting in September, the Universidad Europea de Canarias will be offering a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy at the Salazar de La Orotava campus, with some of the best professionals in this field and an innovative learning model that features ongoing clinical internships in public and private hospitals starting the second year, setting it apart from other curricula. With this new program, Universidad Europea de Canarias rounds out its educational offerings in Health Sciences, a department where it already has a Master's Degree in Orthopedic Manual Therapy for Treatment of Pain, a Master's Degree in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in Nursing, a Master's in Public Health, and a Special Course in Obstetrics and Urogynaecology.

This degree program is in line with the intention of Universidad Europea de Canarias to offer degree programs that are in high demand by students, while ensuring a high level of employability, two requirements that are met by the Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy. The academic institution has created the program in hand with the best working professionals and through signing agreements with private hospitals like Hospiten and Quirón; Grupo Sanitario ICOT, the largest physical therapy center in the Canary Islands; and leading public hospitals like Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria University Hospital in Tenerife.

No less important is the relationship between Health Sciences and tourism, a driver of the Canary Islands economy. These two sectors, with increasing synergies and that are on their way to positioning the Canaries as a leading destination for health tourism, are together able to open up great career opportunities for physical therapy professionals.

The curriculum of the Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy from the Universidad Europea de Canarias prioritizes the future professional's link to sports, healthy habits and improved quality of life, all of which are related to an academic model based on employability, an international perspective and cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer.

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