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Admission Process

1. Choose your bachelor’s degree

Do you want to start the admissions process? - Admission form

Need help? Call us at 918340192or click on ‘request information’ and we will call you.

2. Check your requirements

Documentación de acceso a la Universidad

1. Si accedes a la Universidad con un título universitario español:

  • Título Universitario
  • o certificado académico que acredite que has finalizado tus estudios universitarios.
  • o certificado de haber abonado las tasas del título.

2. Si accedes a la Universidad con estudios universitarios españoles no finalizados:

  • Tasas de Traslado de la Universidad de origen selladas por la Secretaría de la universidad de procedencia.
  • Y Certificado Académico Personal.

Documentación para el proceso de admisión

3. Credit recognition process

Since you have already begun or completed university studies, you can ask for a free credit recognition and transfer request plan where we will advise you as to which credits can be recognised and the enrolment plan of the degree you’re interested in. To request your free credit recognition and transfer request plan, click on the following link.

You must submit the following documents:

  • Personal academic certificate from your previous institution.
  • Curriculum stamped by the previous centre’s Registrar’s office.
  • Academic transcript of the subjects taken and/or enrolled on at the previous centre.
  • Official Degree for foreign students (translated).
  • CV
  • Certificate of work history (vida laboral)

4. Take the tests

Do you want to take the admission tests? Admission form

The entrance exams will consist of:

  • Language evaluation tests
  • Interview/cover letter

Results/required levels (Other than the translation section—where you must earn a minimum score of B2—there is no required level for the language evaluation tests. If your mother tongue is not Spanish, you will need to receive at least an A2 on the Spanish test.)

Documents required for the admission process:

  • Photocopy of DNI or passport (if you are not Spanish)
  • CV
  • Proof of payment of admission tests (€65) *[Not necessary for students of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Primary Education, or Children’s Education] (You can fill out the application online, but you must pay in person at the Community. We recommend that the applicant sign up in person only at the Community.)
  • Admission form

5. Reserve your place

Once you have finished the admissions process, you may begin the reservation process.

Reserving your place confirms that you wish to enrol at the University and guarantees you a place on the programme you have chosen. The reservation fee should be paid prior to enrolment.

The fee is €500 and you can pay through the following link:

We recommend that you reserve your place within 7 calendar days of being accepted into the Universidad Europea.

The payment methods are:

  • CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD, which registers you immediately.
  • ONLINE TRANSFER, which will register you approximately 3 to 5 days after you initiate the transaction.
  • DIRECT DEBIT, taken from the account you indicated in the financial and family details you already submitted. In order to use this form of payment, you must have a bank account in Spain or a bank account within the SEPA territory (Single Euro Payment Area) that supports this payment method. The SEPA territory includes the member countries of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

6. Complete your registration

The University is working on digitising the admission and registration process. We will keep you updated. Until these changes are finalised, the enrolment process will be handled by your educational advisor.

The required documents must be submitted to the University.