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Open Day - Valencia -Virtual - June 26th

English and Spanish Degrees

June 26, 2024


One in every three students at Universidad Europea is international. That's why we’ve organised an online information session in which we’ll tell you about our face-to-face English and Spanish degrees at Universidad Europea de Valencia.

In this session, you’ll be able to find out everything about the degree you are interested in from the Advisory team. You’ll also get to see the facilities at our Valencia Campus and Alicante Campus, where you will become the professional you want to be. Finally, we’ll explain the admissions process, give advice about living in Spain and answer any questions you may have.

The whole event will be presented in English. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 26th May at 7:00 pm.

Academic Offer – Degrees taught in English and Spanish

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology
  • Grado en Enfermería
  • Grado en Psicología
  • Grado en Odontología
  • Grado en Biotecnología
  • Grado en Fisioterapia

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Global Bachelor´s Degree in International Relations
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Leisure Management
  • Global Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Double Degree in Law and International Relations
  • Bachelor´s Degree in Translation and Intercultural Communication
  • Grado en Marketing
  • Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ADE)
  • Grado en Derecho
  • Grado en Criminología
  • Doble Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas + Marketing
  • Doble Grado en Derecho+Relaciones Internacionales
  • Doble Grado en Criminología y Psicología
  • Doble Grado en Derecho y Criminología
  • Doble Grado en ADE y Derecho
  • Global Bachelor's Double Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship + Marketing

Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics (STEAM)

  • Grado en Física
  • Grado en Ciencia de Datos
  • Grado en Ingeniería de Organización Industrial
  • Grado en Diseño Gráfico y Tecnologías Creativas
  • Doble Grado en Ingeniería de Organización Industrial + ADE
  • Doble Grado en Física + Ciencia de Datos