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Admission Process

Below, we will outline the main steps for you to take to become part of Universidad Europea’s student community.  For more detailed information on Universidad Europea’s admissions process, we recommend you consult our undergraduate admissions regulations.

See the admissions process details for the following degrees:

  • Bachelor's in Medicine - see the specific admissions process. (Internal Note for those who upload info: link to online medical admissions process)
  • Bachelor's in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences - see the specific tests you will need to take, described below in the Admissions Applications section.


You are just a few steps away from becoming part of the more than 16,000 students that make up the University community of Universidad Europea. To do this, the first step is to complete your online application in accordance with your desired University course. You can start your online application here.

Once you have completed your online application, you will receive an email with access to our pre-student portal. You can use this online portal to pay for the admission tests fee, which costs €150. By paying this fee, you confirm that you are participating in the University’s admissions process. This fee will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Once this payment is received, an advisor will be assigned to you who will help you throughout the process. With their guidance, you can choose whether to take the tests online, without having to come to campus, or by appointment, in specifically designed facilities at our University headquarters.

Competencies and Skills Assessment 

This competencies and skills assessment measures intellectual work skills, attitudes towards work and attitudes towards cooperation and teamwork.  The approximate duration is 30 minutes and the test consists of 116 general competency questions and 23 study behaviour questions.

Language test

English language test:

This must be taken by all students who come from countries whose official language is not English, except for those who have opted to study degrees where the language of instruction is not Spanish or English. This is an English language assessment which tests reading and comprehension, knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, and listening skills.

Spanish language test:

This test must be taken by:

  • Students who wish to study their degree in Spanish and whose mother tongue is not Spanish.
  • Students who wish to study their degree in a language other than Spanish but who need evidence of a certain level of Spanish in order to carry out their studies.
  • Students who wish to study a degree which requires a certain level of Spanish according to regulations.

This is a Spanish language assessment which tests reading and comprehension, knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, and listening skills.

Interview / Cover Letter

The candidate will answer a series of motivational questions, which will be assessed by a member of the corresponding faculty as part of the admissions process.

Once you have completed your admissions tests, after allowing a reasonable amount of time for them to be evaluated, you can check your admissions status via the pre-student portal. Once logged into the platform, you will need to click GO TO APPLICATION.  If the RESERVE step is highlighted blue it means you have been accepted into the University. You can also check with your advisor.

Additional test for Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Students

Students that are applying for the Bachelor's in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences or dual degrees at the Faculty must take their assessments in person and present their original and physical Medical Certificate on the day of the test.

See the physical aptitude assessments here

Given the current situation, these tests have been postponed.  


If you are admitted, you can reserve your place. This means that you accept your place and would like to continue your registration at the University. During the next 7 days, this place will be reserved and awaiting your acceptance. After this period, you must check availability with your advisor.

Once you have registered, you can pay to reserve your place on the pre-student portal.  The payment methods are:

  • CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD, which registers you immediately.
  • ONLINE TRANSFER, which will register you approximately three to five days from the start of the transaction.

The fee to reserve a place depends on the degree chosen. You can find financial information in Student Fees. At all times, the student will be informed of the next steps to follow, either by their advisor or via the pre-student portal  where they have previously registered their personal data.

3. Complete your enrolment

Once admission is confirmed, you must digitally sign all the necessary documents on the pre-student portal in order to complete your enrolment. To do this, you will receive a link via email that will direct you to a digital signature platform where you will find the following documents:

  • Degree Enrolment Application Form. Students taking this route must enrol in the full course, 60 ECTS.
  • Direct Debit Form.
  • General Enrolment Terms and Conditions.
  • Informed Consent Form for the Legal Admission Requirement.

Submit the Legal Admissions Requirement

Your enrolment is conditional on submitting these documents to the University before completing your registration.  We recommend that you submit these as soon as possible, with a formal deadline of 15 November 2021. (This information is indicated in the Informed Consent Form for Legal Admissions Requirements.)

Over 25s:

  • Certificate as proof of having passed the corresponding admissions test (carried out at the University).
  • Proof of payment of the file transfer fees (to be paid at the University where you have taken the tests).

Over 45s:

  • Certificate confirming that you have passed the corresponding entrance test.
  • Proof of payment of the file transfer fees (to be paid at the University where you have taken the tests).

You will only be accepted into the University this way if you have passed the University's admissions test and the University offers the degree you would like to study.

* Information subject to possible regulatory changes


  • If the certificate includes a digital signature, it should be sent by email to
  • In person or by post to one of the following addresses:
  1. Villaviciosa de Odón Campus Edificio B.

Dpto. Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes.

c/ Tajo,s/n. Urb. El Bosque.

28670.  Villaviciosa de Odón Madrid

  1. Alcobendas Campus

Dpto. Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes.

Avda. Fernando Alonso, 8.

28108.  Alcobendas Madrid